All Natural Is Better With The Ayr Skin Care Collection

November 27, 2017

Woman looking in a mirror using Ayr Skin Care Pure Moisture cream for mature and sensitive skin

Hey My Gorgeous Friends!! Happy Monday!

I hope y’all had a wonderful Thanksgiving! Mine was quiet but good and I can’t believe we’re already this close to December! I love the holidays and am So ready to “get my Christmas on!”

I’m so excited to share an amazing skin care line with you today! It’s an All Natural brand that you are sure to love!!

Ayr Skin Care is on a mission. Believing “All Great Things Begin When Necessity Is Coupled With A Good Idea And Fueled By Passion,” Ayr Skin Care strives to offer the best all-natural, non-toxic healthy skin care products worldwide for ALL skin types. One of the only dairy, soy, and gluten free skin care brands around, their guarantee is to provide skin care products that are paraben and paraffin free, and have no synthetic dyes or perfumes.

Ayr Skin Care has formulated a skin care line that is actually healthy for your skin! Their skin care collection includes moisturizing, hydrating and exfoliating products that were designed with a healthier you in mind as they select ingredients that include amazing botanicals, powerful probiotics, organic butters, green tea, and palm, macadamia nut and argan oils. Providing natural products that actually work is a challenge that Ayr Skin Care never fails to meet and exceed!

And just let me say, I’ve found these products are oh-so-good! I especially love how hydrating they were – my thirsty skin showed an immediate improve! And I have NEVER received a skin care package with a better scent BEFORE I Even Opened The Box! Seriously, just so refreshing!!

Here’s just a glimpse of some of my favorites!

Awaken Revitalizing Eye Serum

This eye serum is hands-down AHHHMAZING! Of all the skincare I’ve used for this sensitive area, this Awaken Serum has been the best for reducing the puffiness and dark circles! Just before I began using these products, I had been burning the candle at both ends and my skin – especially around my eyes – was certainly beginning to show it!! This serum has been a LIFESAVER! I have actually WATCHED dark circles give way to brighter eyes (I wish I felt as alert and energized as I look . . . hahaha!) It has seriously made all the difference!

This hydrating, feather-light serum is packed with probiotics, botanical extracts and omega 3 fatty acids (and so much more) to completely revitalize the area around the eyes. I was thrilled to see immediate results AND to know that their special blend of tripeptides will continue to work revitalizing elasticity and stimulating collagen production! Y’all Seriously need to give this miracle-worker a try!

Pure Moisture Nourishing Face Cream

I have tried soooo many skin care creams! I mean seriously, Just So Many!! So for me, it has to be a real game changer to get me to take notice . . . And this Pure Moisture Face Cream absolutely got my attention!!

As a veteran of skin care usage, I understand sometimes it takes days, weeks even, to reveal a marked difference in texture and appearance.

Well Not So with this fabulous cream from Ayr! This cream Delivered As Promised – Literally Glowing Results after just the first application!

I love the way my skin felt and the fact that the moisture didn’t dissipate the moment the cream was absorbed. This product is like getting a facial at home – such a refreshing feel and that exceptional glow that comes from a product that not only hydrates but actually helps repair your skin.

I was thrilled not only with how my skin looked but also with how healthy my skin felt!

Dead Sea Spa Body Bar

Okay . . . So I love the eye serum and the moisturizing cream is so good – BUT THIS BODY BAR!!!

Ayr Skin Care sources Cambrian Blue Clay from the salt lakes of Siberia, then combines it with Dead Sea clay to gently remove unwanted toxins. The addition of Shea Butter and a unique blend of Essential Oils creates an amazing scent and replenishes your skin, leaving it softer, healthier and more vibrant than ever before!

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