Ayr Skin Care’s New All-Natural Calm Facial Bar Offers A New Way To Spring Clean Faces

Photo of Ayr Kin Care's calm facial bar for sensitive skin against in Love Goodly wellness box and spring greenery

 Ayr Skin Care’s new all-natural calm facial bar offers individuals with dry or acne sensitive skin a gentle and soothing way to spring clean their faces and achieving a glowing complexion.

In a recent interview with America’s CEO, Fiona Briggs, vice-president of marketing and operations at Ayr Skin Care stated that, “Ayr Skin Care’s new Calm Facial Bar uses unique and all-natural ingredients, such as pure sea clay and activated charcoal, to offer individuals with dry or acne sensitive skin a gentle way to spring clean their faces and achieve a glowing complexion.

Actual users of Ayr’s Calm Facial Bar say the product exceeds their expectations. They recommend it as a “must have” for those with sensitive skin to prepare for spring and summer.

One verified buyer writes she uses the Calm Facial Bar daily. “It leaves my skin soft and primed for my evening skincare and ready for my morning makeup. Love, love it”

“We hear that a lot,” said Fiona “It’s the cornerstone of our line. It’s designed to be really hydrating and gentle for sensitive skin.”

Ayr Skin Care, a family-operated company based in San Juan Capistrano, California, formulated the 4.5-ounce Calm Facial Bar with an array of active ingredients such as organic avocado butter and caster oil to deeply penetrate facial skin, condition it and make it soft and supple.

The bar also contains the essential natural oils of ginger grass, lemongrass, rosemary, tea tree, and chamomile to soothe skin irritation, tone and firm, as well as, reduce fine lines and wrinkles.

Briggs admits some of the effective ingredients are rather unusual and unknown to most people, such as pure sea clay. “We combine the sea clay with activated charcoal, which is becoming well known in the skincare industry, to draw dirt and other toxins from the pores and purify the skin. We also add tumeric, nettle leaf, and olive leaf to soothe the skin,” she said.

The Calm Facial Bar, which sells for $28, looks like a piece of marble. Each bar is hand-poured into a mold. Ingredients, such as the dark charcoal and olive leaf, stand out in the swirls. “No two bars look the same,” Briggs said.

An actual user writes the cleanser is beautifully crafted and it leaves the skin craving more. “The difference just after one use is remarkable. I would 100% recommend this to anyone.”

Men are using it too, Briggs said. “It’s very unisex. It smells more herbal than fruity. Men like that.”

One male client writes, “I love it!!! I can feel my face is so smooth!”

The Calm Facial Bar also comes in a smaller travel-size bar. The Mini Calm Facial Bar is 1.9 ounces and sells for $12. “It’s a good way to try it out,” Briggs said.

The Mini Calm Facial Bar will also be included in the April-May subscription box from Love Goodly. The Los Angeles-based online subscription service, founded by two moms, researches and vets new eco-, and cruelty-free beauty and personal care products. The bar is a perfect fit with their focus on organic and vegan products.

“We’re excited Love Goodly included Ayr Skin Care’s Mini Calm Facial Bar in its bimonthly subscription box, “Briggs said. “ We are looking forward to hearing first-time users feedback.”

The Calm Facial Bar and the rest of the Ayr Skin Care product line has its origins from creams, serums, soaps and oils that Briggs’ mother developed out of her own skin sensitivities and needs. The company is named after Ayr, Scotland, the west coast Lowlands town where Briggs’ grandmother was born.

More information is available at AyrSkinCare.com or call (949) 545-6955.

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