Ayr’s Mini Calm Facial Bar Non-Toxic Soap Featured in Cosmopolitan Magazine

June 11, 2018

Photo of Ayr Skin Care's mini calm facial bar for sensitive skin in Love Goodly wellness box & Cosmo magazine

Exciting news! Our Mini Calm Facial Bar non-toxic soap was featured on page 65 of the June edition of Cosmopolitan magazine, as part of the April/May Love Goodly Box.

Love Goodly - Socially Conscious, Vegan Product Subscription Box

The Love Goodly Box is a bimonthly subscription box that provides subscribers with a range of natural skin care and wellness products, home accessories, and healthy snacks that are eco-friendly, cruelty-free, non-toxic, and vegan.

Love Goodly partners with specific causes and this box was PETA-certified! Subscribers received our Mini Calm Facial Bar vegan soap along with a range of other cruelty-free products that were carefully arranged with minimal packaging. Cosmo loved the selection so much that they gave it a special mention in their June magazine!

The Calm Facial Bar

What’s so special about our Calm Facial Bar?

The Calm Facial Bar (available in full size and mini size for travel) is a nourishing, hydrating, non-toxic soap that protects the skin’s natural oils while cleaning away surface dirt and grime. It is packed with rich botanical extracts like antiseptic tea tree and rosemary, refreshing lemongrass, calming chamomile, and detoxifying charcoal.

This vegan soap is handmade with organic and natural vegetable oils and butters, rather than animal ingredients, including organic coconut oil, sustainable palm oil, castor oil, and organic avocado butter.

Celebrate with Us

We’ve come such a long way and it’s delightful and flattering to be featured in Cosmopolitan. This is also a step forward for people with sensitive skin, who are limited in what beauty products work for them. Join us in celebrating this achievement by purchasing a Calm Facial Bar or Mini Calm Facial Bar non-toxic soap today, and give your face some natural, nourishing love!