10 Non-Toxic Anti-Aging Skin Care Secrets  (That Actually Work)

Have you taken a look at your skin lately and noticed extra lines, uneven skin tone, or discoloration? Are you wondering if you are spending your money on the right skin care products, if they’re non-toxic, or if they’re good for anti-aging? Well, we have advice that will help you! Here’s the tea on 10 DIY tips that will have you looking and feeling younger. Just wait! You’ll see results the next time you look in the mirror.

1. Exfoliate for Baby Soft Skin

Exfoliation is the process of removing the dead skin that sits on the top layer of your skin. This layer clogs your pores and makes your skin appear dull. Most exfoliants use harsh BHA like salicylic acid in high amounts or use beads or ground nuts as physical exfoliants to scrub the skin. The problem is that overuse of these scrubs, or even using an overly harsh scrub in moderation, can really damage the skin.

You should exfoliate about twice a week for normal to aging skin. The problem is that people with sensitive skin may have trouble exfoliating because their skin cannot handle harsh chemicals or hard grains. Even sugar can cause micro-tears in the delicate facial tissue. So, it becomes very important to be discerning when shopping for natural anti-aging skin careproducts.

A gentle exfoliant like our Reveal Exfoliating Foam Facial Wash can gently remove built up layers of dead skin and “reveal” smooth, radiant skin underneath. Its complex formula uses fruit extracts and fruit acids to gently wash away the dead skin. It also contains humectants to keep the skin soft and moisturized.

2. Vitamins for Uneven and Discolored Skin

Did you know that vitamins can help your skin as well as your overall health? Discolorations in skin and skin tone can come from a variety of reasons, but some vitamins are ideal for brightening dull skin, refining a lustrous tone, and giving your skin a radiance to smile about even as you are aging!

One of the most potent vitamins is vitamin C, and making the most of its restorative properties means so much more than eating berries and drinking orange juice. A healthy diet is vital to skin care, but vitamin C also shows up in many skin care products as a powerful antioxidant.

Although you will find vitamin C in many skin creams and serums, remember that the best time to apply this supplement is at night. Vitamin C can cause photo-aging, making your skin sensitive to sunlight. Even with a good sunscreen, you put yourself at risk using it during the day.

Our suggestion is the Restore Replenishing Night Cream, which contains a high percentage of vitamin C in a rich, soothing night cream that works to increase radiance and even out skin tone while you sleep. By the way, did you know that smoking sucks up vitamins, especially vitamins C and A from your body? There is a real reason why people who smoke age faster.

Photo of oranges on a white plate and table cloth

3. What About Peptides and Collagen?

It is a well known fact that collagen—the protein that acts as a building block for our skin, hair, and nails—is necessary to retain youthful looking skin. As we age, the natural collagen that our body produces slows, leaving us with less structure and strength in the skin, particularly the skin on our faces.

Fortunately, there is an easy, time-defying fix. We know that we can look for skin-care products that contain peptides and collagen, like Pure Moisture or Restore Revitalizing Night Cream.

Did you also know a little secret? You can boost the amount of collagen in your body by taking it orally. Hydrolyzed collagen is easy to digest as it is broken down into peptides and amino acids in the body. Find a good natural collagen online, and add a scoop a day to a smoothie for younger skin.

4. Your Grandmother Was Right: Diet Matters

That old adage of “you are what you eat” has never made more sense than it does when it comes to anti-aging. Those of us who have an abundance of green leafy vegetables and colorful fruits and veggies in our daily diet will naturally have clearer and younger looking skin. Whether you are a vegetarian or not, adding several extra servings of fruit and veggies to your current diet will help you feel and look great.

Try to load up on them at the beginning of each meal to avoid being hungry for less healthy foods. No matter how much money you spend on quality skin care, or how much time you spend massaging, masking, and exfoliating, if you are not feeding your skin a healthy diet, you are wasting your time.

When you fill your body with processed foods, sugars, dairy and gluten especially, you are causing a build up of inflammation in the body. Sugar causes our arteries, hormones, gut health, and heart to explode with inflammation. Many people are more sensitive to gluten nowadays due to many factors including how the actual grain has changed, but the bottom line is that gluten causes inflammation. Think how you feel after eating a burger and fries as opposed to a salad. You feel bloated. That’s the gluten and sugar at work in your body.

Do yourself a favor and help your skin at the cellular level by eating well and restricting alcohol, sugars, and rancid oils as well.

Making minor changes can have a maximum result in your diet. Without taking food away, try adding in more vitamin rich vegetables. This is a great natural way to take care of your skin. Experiment with adding fermented foods, as well, which have a fantastic effect on your overall health and can help heal your gut from inflammation. Foods to try are kimchi, kombucha, and sauerkraut. You can make your own or buy these foods at a natural supermarket.

Fermented foods will help feed the good bacteria in your gut which affect our health all the way out to the skin. Many doctors who specialize in natural health agree that most disease begins in the gut. Keep your system clean and the good bacteria healthy, and your body will be healthy.

Photo of a women applying eye cream to her skin

5. Amazing Results for the Eye Area

What causes circles and dark purple or blue toned skin under the eye? Many things, and they are not necessarily related to aging. Things that we do every day like sleep on our stomachs, frown, rub our eyes, eat too much salt before bed or not getting enough sleep can all be a part of the cause.

What is the cure? Well, first of all, sometimes you are fighting with genes. Some families just naturally have thinner skin around the eye area. This makes the discoloration much more pronounced. Sleeping on your back or on your side, elevated slightly, can help with the fluids that are accumulated around our eyes while we sleep. This will also help with wrinkles that are formed while we scrunch up our faces into our pillow.

Make sure you always use sunglasses that are 100% UV protection and are large enough to cover a substantial amount of the skin around the eye. The old wives tale of using cucumber slices around the eye for a quick “wake up” does work. Cucumber contains caffeic acid, which works as a vasoconstrictor, slowing blood flow. Cooling cucumbers makes them even more effective.

At Ayr Skin Care, we use cucumber as one of our powerhouse non-toxic anti-aging skin care ingredients along with hyaluronic acid and peptides for wrinkles in our Awaken Eye Serum. It works gently to restore even the driest and dullest skin, steadily improving puffiness and fine lines. While it may be true that no product will miraculously cure discoloration under the eye, using a good eye serum that contains natural ingredients like caffeine, cucumber, and peptides can really help. Puffiness disappears and makes the shadows look less noticeable.

Another thing a good eye serum will do is keep the skin below the eye moisturized and soft, allowing for a smoother application of makeup without cracking or flakiness.

6. What About Retinol?

Retinol has become popular over the last few years for women especially, looking for a cure-all for aging skin. Retinol has been scientifically proven to make skin look firmer, but at what cost? Retinol is an over the counter version of a drug called tretinoin, a prescription vitamin A derivative that is highly effective at reversing signs of sun damage. It helps create new skin that looks good in the short term but has many side effects, and there is controversy surrounding its use. Some people with sensitive skin can’t use it because of side effects including irritation, burning, flaking, and redness.

Let’s talk about what it does for those that use it. Retin A is designed to constantly remove a layer of the skin. Over time, skin becomes very thin, which allows for more discoloration and veins and other signs of aging. Since we only have a limited amount of time with our skin, it may be a better and healthier idea to work on feeding the skin vitamins that actually will work on the formation of cells and antioxidants to keep skin healthy.

Ingredients such as hyaluronic acid, peptides, and collagen are a big help, as is protecting your skin with sunscreen. We have the choice to use natural anti-aging skin care products that focus on building up collagen which will help stimulate production of new skin cells, or not. Some of the negative voices in the Retin A movement are concerned that since it is a vitamin A derivative that it will in time slow down the natural production and ability to use our own vitamin A.

The research continues. If you love Retinol and will not stop, then please control the amount of this chemical and do your best to eat well, use other vitamins and use good skin-care products that contain antioxidants, along with a strong sunscreen applied several times a day.

7. Don’t Over-Do the Attention to Your Skin

Although it may be tempting to pick at your skin, touching your skin can introduce bacteria into your pores and picking pimples may leave scars, wrinkles, and broken capillaries. Our advice: let your skin do what it is supposed to do. Let it heal on its own and don’t pick at scabs as they form.

Another thing that people do that can lead to excess is exfoliating more than they need to. We know it’s addicting to exfoliate until your skin is smooth and soft, but doing this too frequently can harm the natural cycle of skin cells coming to the surface. Many people don’t realize that things like alcohol or salicylic acid can be ingredients in daily face washes, and that is just too much exfoliation.

Leave your skin alone to run its own course, and two times a week is just fine for exfoliation. Also remember that if you ever feel an intense burning sensation, excessive peeling, redness, a rash or hives, discontinue your beauty products and take a look at what you are using. Even things like itchiness, dry rough patches, particularly under the eye area, can be caused by using harsh products that your face may not like.

Too much product can also be a culprit. Be wary of products containing alcohol, salicylic acid or benzoyl peroxide because they can be very harsh on your skin; always check the ingredients list and aim for skin care that features more non-toxic ingredients for anti-aging.

Photo of Ayr Skin Care's calm facial bar next to in Love Goodly wellness box

8. Don’t Spend an Arm and a Leg on Cleansing

No matter what an expensive cleanser may cost, it’s not going to work much better than most lower-cost competitors, according to dermatologists. There is one exception: the product must be as natural as possible, and it cannot be too harsh. Learn to read labels, and look to avoid things with alcohol, shooting for a gentle wash-off cleanser. The goal of a cleanser is to remove dirt, oil, makeup, and pollution from the skin without disrupting the outer skin layer.

The Calm Facial Bar is a good example. Inexpensively priced, it does not dry out the skin, but rather includes glycerin and moisturizers to help with keeping the skin hydrated. A good bar cleanser like Calm can last four to six months easily if it is allowed to dry between uses. Save your money for things like moisturizers, serums, and masks, and find a gentle cleanser for every day.

By the way, the easiest and least expensive way to remove eye makeup is fractionated coconut oil You can buy this inexpensively, and it will last forever. With a shelf life of three years, and an average of less than a half a teaspoon per application, you can see the value. It must be applied to dry skin, rubbed with eyes closed, and then wiped off with cotton or a nice warm washcloth, but it will take off even the most stubborn eye makeup.

9. Wear Sunscreen and Drink Water

Yes, we know! Everyone goes on and on about wearing sunscreen, but that is for a very good reason! The easiest way to permanently damage your skin is to expose it to too much sun. One bad burn is all it takes to cause damage, and if you lie out in the sun regularly, you are definitely going to be paying for it when you get to your forties.

If you haven’t given your skin the protection that it needs, there is no time like the present! Get yourself a good sunscreen and wear it every day, even in the winter. When you are outside wear a hat and sunglasses, and try to limit the amount of time that you spend in the sun. Your skin will thank you for it. While we are talking about the sun, remember that your skin will thank you if you keep it damp while washing.

When you get out of the shower or wash your face with water, get your moisturizer on right away to help trap the moisture in. Our skin loves water, and this is the most natural anti-aging skin care secret there is. Keep up your goals to drink eight glasses of water a day, and your skin will glow with gratitude. If you live in a dry climate, consider getting a humidifier. It is no coincidence that those who live in the desert show age faster than those who live in cool and wet climates.

Photo of women in a field of sunflowers with bubbles floating around her

10. Live in a State of Gratitude and Positivity

It isn’t always easy to remember to stay positive, but those that are able to will reap health and anti-aging benefits. Having a positive attitude helps reduce the stress that ages our bodies. Having an optimistic attitude towards life and those around us helps us live longer and more satisfying life.

Less stress equals less wrinkles! Those who maintain daily routines that include yoga, meditation, prayer, and walks in nature live in a state of peaceful happiness, and that has been shown to extend life. Noticing the beauty around us and in others, and being grateful for the little things that we have is also a stress reducer. Breathing in slowly reduces stress. Do whatever works for you. Try to find time for yourself every day. Anti-aging isn’t just about washing and moisturizing and staying out of the sun. It isn’t just about looking younger but about feeling younger and having overall good health.

People who live with a smile and are happy to be alive benefit by living longer. In addition to just keeping a smile on your face, how about laughter? Numerous studies have been done on the correlation between laughter and youth. Get a dog, play with a child, watch a funny TV show, or read a good book. What do these all have in common? They are all natural stress reducers. To live a long and happy life, try to surround yourself with like-minded people, animals, and things that make you happy. Laughter is indeed the best medicine when it comes to living longer!

We hope that this list has reminded you of something that you can do for yourself, whether it be eating cleaner, spending more time with your family, or just taking time for self care every day. Aging is tied to the mind and the body, and you have control over your own path.

If you have any questions or comments, we would be happy to answer you personally! Please contact us at info@ayrskincare.com.