​3 Super-Plants to Prevent and Soothe Sunburn

Are you one of those people who—no matter how careful you are—always seems to get a sunburn at the slightest hint of sun? These three super-plants could give your skin the boost it needs to become more sun-hardy. Make sure you keep using a non-toxic sunscreen regularly along with your regular skin care routine for best results!

A bowl of tomatoes on a countertop.

Eat Tomato Paste for Natural Sun Resistance

Lycopene is an antioxidant found in tomatoes that can make the body up to 30% more resistant to the effects of moderate sun exposure. Tomatoes contain 85% of the lycopene present in the western diet, and our bodies can make the best use of this through eating cooked tomato paste.

The Lycopene Experiment

The BBC conducted an experiment with 23 women who usually became red with even a little sun exposure. After an initial exposure to controlled UV rays as a starting measure, half of the women were told to eat 55g of tomato paste every day for 12 weeks, giving them 16mg of lycopene, and the other half were told not to eat any tomato paste.

At the end of the 12 weeks, all of the women were exposed to the controlled UV rays again, and they found a 30% reduction in sun damage in the women who had eaten tomato paste.

Including Tomato Paste in Your Diet

If you decide to give tomatoes a try, we recommend going for whole-food tomato pastes that are plain or flavored with herbs, rather than ones with artificial flavor additives. Use the paste to cook lasagne, spaghetti bolognese, or a thick chili. You can also get creative and enjoy it on toast, either by itself or with a brush of olive oil and oregano. You can also use it whenever you would normally use ketchup for a low-sugar, flavor-rich alternative.

And, as far as resisting skin damage from sunburn goes, don’t forget to keep using sunscreen for maximum protection! Lycopene is not a substitute for sunscreen. It is a team player in healthy skin.

A whole and a sliced pomegranate on a black background.

Boost Your Sunscreen’s SPF with Pomegranate Extract

Pomegranate extract is high in a group of antioxidants called polyphenols, and has been found to reduce cell death in skin fibroblasts following UV exposure when applied topically (this helps with healing).

The Power of Pomegranate

A small study with five women and three men found that, by adding pomegranate extract to a topical sunscreen, the SPF increased by 20 percent. Taking the extract orally for five days boosted the effectiveness of the sunscreen by another 25 percent! Enjoy these benefits by selecting a sunscreen that already includes pomegranate extract or mix some in yourself.

If you’d like to include more polyphenols in your diet, drink green tea and white tea as well as eating pomegranate. These teas contain Epigallocatechin-3-gallate (EGCG)—said to be one of the most powerful polyphenols in existence.

Sliced sections of aloe vera leaf with the fresh gel visible.

Apply Pure Aloe Vera Gel After Sun Exposure

If you do accidentally become pink or sunburnt (and let’s be honest, it happens!), then applying pure aloe vera gel will help your skin to cool down, recover, and stay hydrated. The Mayo Clinic website indicates that topical aloe vera speeds recovery from burns and may also promote wound-healing in general.

When choosing an aloe vera gel, look for one that is pure and free from chemicals, or better still, slice a piece off an aloe vera plant and squeeze out the fresh gel yourself!

Apply the gel generously two-three times per day to the affected areas, leaving to dry and then rinsing off with water. While unlikely, discontinue if an allergic reaction occurs.

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