6 Easy Tips to Winterize Your Skin Care Routine

When the weather is colder the world looks and feels so different—in an exciting way. The sun scorched days of summer fade into fall and the brisk air of winter. We pull out the cashmere, leggings, the long sleeves. We walk outside and laugh as we “see” our every breath. We enjoy the little things, like a steaming hot tea while watching a favorite Christmas movie.

But, when the heater comes on or you bounce outside from the warmth of a hearth fire to the icy winds of winter, your skin can take a beating.

So, as the days get shorter and the holiday excitement ramps up, it’s time to shake up your skin care routine. It’s time to “winterize” your skin.

I live in Southern California, but even here we have cold, shiver down the spine days. I notice my skin, at times, feels just a wee bit drier. That’s when I know it is time to get serious and adjust how I take care of my skin.

With the shorter winter days come dry skin woes for most people. The crisp air is drying, and many experience redness, cracking or bleeding. Hands are especially vulnerable getting chapped more easily, especially when half dried hands meet colder air.

Sound familiar? If so, we are here to help. Read on to learn our top 6 skin care tips to help your skin stay healthy, look silky smooth, and feel ultra-moisturized this winter.

Winter Skin Care Tip #1:

Eliminate alcohol or synthetic laden products

Alcohol laden skin care products, especially astringents, line the shelves at your local store. They are a serious culprit in causing skin dryness in any weather. But, when the weather turns frosty, it is especially harsh and can cause skin irritation and cracking.

Our advice is to be tender with winter skin. Use a gentle cleanser twice a day. Winter is not the optimum time for harsh over scrubbing or using retinols. Other red flag ingredients for winter skin care include synthetic fragrances which can further irritate more sensitive winter skin. Winter calls for a gentle facial cleanser, like our Reveal Exfoliating Foam Facial Wash with Alpha Hydroxy Acids. Formulated for sensitive skin, Reveal is the perfect addition to your winter skin care routine.

Winter Skin Care Tip #2

Use a deeply penetrating moisturizer

We are always on the go. Don’t forget about protecting your skin on the outside with a well-formulated, deeply penetrating moisturizer. After all, the season’s notoriously harsh winds and brutal cold can dry out your skin quickly. Creams are a better choice than thinner lotions. And, you may need to add an extra drop of a natural hydrating oil, like our Marula Oil. Adding Marula Oil to your daily moisturizer adds extra protection. That little bit of extra oil will help form a better occlusive barrier between your sensitive skin and winter.

And, of course, don’t forget to power your beauty sleep with a rich and soothing night cream like our Restore Replenishing Night Cream.

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Winter Skin Care Tip #3

Limit hot baths and showers

It sounds like a great idea: a really hot bubble bath or a long steamy shower - but did you know that soaking for extended periods of time in the bath can actually dry out your skin?

Here’s our suggestion. Take a comfortably warm shower, and keep it short. Use a cleansing bar, like our Dead Sea Body Bar which is packed with nutrient rich minerals that pour moisture into your skin.

When you do occasionally decide to soak in a tub, keep the bath under 15 minutes. To boost moisturizing, use a cup of magnesium powder, and/or sea salt to the water to help soften the skin.

And finish your mini-spa with a full body hydration “bath” using a luxurious oil, like our pure Marula Oil.

Winter Skin Care Tip #4

Don’t forget hands

Hands need a little more love in the winter. Your hands, are not only exposed to the cold temperatures, but when are washed and dried, can easily become raw and chapped. Many of us don’t think twice about half drying hands and running out into the cold. But, that’s a recipe for drying and cracking.

Our remedies include wearing gloves when outdoors. Why not apply a moisturizer formulated for the unique needs of our hands like our Tranquility Moisturizing Hand Cream. Put it on hands before the gloves for a “spa-like” treatment as you go about your day. Wear gloves when washing dishes, and put your hand cream right next to the sink for a quick hydration finish after washing hands.

Remember this, hands need special care and treatment. Skip generic lotion, which is too light to use in the winter. Instead opt for a thicker body butter or a moisturizer— like Tranquility which is specifically formulated for hands. Be generous with your hands and apply moisturizer to your skin several times a day.

Winter Skin Care Tip #5

Limit alcohol consumption

The holidays are the perfect excuse to indulge in a couple extra cocktails. But, we know that alcohol can take a toll on the appearance of your skin. A good trick to keep hydrated is to drink water in between glasses of wine or cocktails.

Even after the holidays are finished, there is still plenty of winter left. Consider taking a skin care break from alcohol, which ties in perfectly with many of your plans to get healthier this January. Make this the one resolution you stick to this year.

Winter Skin Care Tip #6

Stay hydrated

This is an all year skin care (and healthy lifestyle) tip. When we think of dry skin and damaging conditions, we see the blazing sun of a long, hot summer day. But did you know that winter cold can actually be more dehydrating than the summer sun?

Moving from indoor heating to outside cold can wreak havoc on the skin. Staying hydrated in the winter is the opportunity to be more creative with your choices. Indoor It’s fun to switch up your ice cold water to a steaming cup of a favorite tea, which will help hydrate, but also give comfort. There are so many healthy tea choices. Head to your nearest health food store and pick up several. Or, make your next cup of tea a healthy green tea, and you enjoy the benefits of antioxidants as well!

Winter has only just begun, which means skin-drying conditions like hard winds and freezing temperatures will be around for many weeks. But, with these tips, you’re ready to tackle the conditions to keep your skin looking smooth, hydrated, and radiant. All it takes is a little extra TLC and the hydrating natural products we, at Ayr Skin Care, proudly make and offer all year round.

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Bye for now!

Kirsten xx

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