Alpha Hydroxy Acid for Skincare

There are many products on the market that utilize the benefits of alpha hydroxy acid for skin. Alpha Hydroxy Acids (or “AHA”) can be synthetically or naturally produced. They are generally used for the chemical effect that they have on the dermis and aid in removing, or exfoliating, dead skin cells from the surface of the skin.

Where Do Alpha Hydroxy Acids Come From?Photo of unpicked apples with water droplets on a couple

AHAs are commonly found as glycolic acid (from sugar), malic acid (from apples), lactic acid (from milk), citric acid (from citrus fruits like lemons and oranges), and tartaric acid (from grapes). These food acids are generally safe when used on the skin in the recommended doses, but even in small doses, alpha hydroxy acid for skin can cause strong reactions in sensitive skin.

Side Effects of Alpha Hydroxy Acids

The most common side effects of over-use or strong alpha hydroxy acid for skin are redness and flaking, similar to sunburn. Because AHAs can be used in some skin care products in very small doses, or in larger doses in chemical peels at the dermatologist office, there is a wide array of reactions possible. Severe reactions can be blistering and burning, and even under doctor supervision can take several days to go away after an office treatment. If you have been using a product at home and are experiencing burning, it is always best to discontinue use of that product.

AHA in Ayr Skin Care

For those that have sensitive skin, a chemical treatment or over the counter alpha hydroxy acid skin products can be impossible to enjoy. To ensure you can enjoy the same benefits as everyone else, Ayr Skin Care has created one of the best AHA products in our Reveal Exfoliating Foam Facial Wash.

It has all the benefits of tartaric (grape), malic (apple), and citric (lemon and orange) acids, but with a much gentler formulation. Now you have the ability to control this mild foam, so you won’t experience redness, burning, or pain.

How to Use the Reveal Exfoliating Foam Facial Wash

To use our exfoliating wash, simply massage it into the skin for 2-3 minutes before rinsing. Use it every other day, or as needed for the removal of dead skin — with no redness or irritation. To make this vegan formula even more powerful, we added in ingredients like chamomile, honeysuckle, and glycerin, to re-moisturize the skin and counteract dryness.

A Healthy Skincare Regimen

Exfoliation is a critical step in skin care. By exfoliating, you are allowing your beauty products to penetrate the skin and be more productive. In addition to the power of exfoliation, Alpha Hydroxy Acids also help to reduce of wrinkle formation, soften the edges of wrinkles that are already present, and improve the overall softness of the skin.

If you have been experiencing a sluggish, dull appearance in your skin, you probably need to exfoliate. Removing dead skin does not need to be a painful experience! Instead of using a physical exfoliator (like a bead or grain), try alpha hydroxy acid for your skin. Try it one of our best AHA products today and let us now how much you loved it!

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