Announcing Our New Look!

This blog is very close to my heart, because what it talks about is truly is a labor of love. When Ayr Skin Care opened launched two years ago, we had no idea what the adventure would mean for us. I knew that there was a need for our products in the market place, but that was about as much as I knew. How to package, sell it, get press, and find our niche in the vast beauty market was way beyond our knowledge and expertise. Starting to bring our products to market meant that we needed to guess which products would do well, and to get packaging. We had to buy in smaller quantities because we just weren’t sure what would take off, and it was all guesswork on our part. We have learned a lot along the way! One thing that we realized was that this is a beauty industry. That means the packaging has to also look beautiful. We needed to take a leap of faith, and jump off with our new packaging this year.

Taking the leap from our own website to taking our products to retail shelves involved designing and ordering exterior boxes, and moving away from white and silver packaging ensured that we would get seen easier on the shelves in stores. We took a look back at who we are, and what our personality is, and we decided it was time to let our artistic side be revealed!

Long before I got into skin care formulation classes, I was busy making things in my own home (read our story), but I was also an artist, coming from a long line of artists on my father’s side of the family. In our family home, our walls are painted in a variety of wild colors, and have my art, and some of my fathers, hanging on all of the walls. My friends have said that our home looks more like an art museum, as there is so much of it on the walls! So, it was time to let the artistic side of our brand personality come out to play: Enter teal bottles and teal marbled packaging!

Photo of Ayr Skin Care's facial products

We chose a marble swirl for our box packaging (coming in August 2019) because it mirrors the idea of the soap swirls that happen when our soap is poured by hand. It reminds me of a fine marble, and so we took that idea and then made a swirl using our company colors – teal, purple and aqua. The colors are bright and peppy, but still reflect the colors of California, with the teal and aqua water colors for the beach, and the purple colors of the flowers like bougainvillea, and my favorite flower, the sweet pea! We hope you will love the new artistic look, which we feel says luxury and upscale skin care, mixed with a free California vibe.

We are so grateful to you, our customers and our followers on social media. Part of our delight over the last two years has been in growing our online presence. We hope you follow us on instagram and facebook. If you have not also signed up to receive emails, please do so. Our weekly blog is featured on facebook, and will soon be returning to email as well. My personal mission is to de-mystify the beauty ingredients, and teach you about your skin and the skincare industry. Weekly blog posts cover topics like probiotics and healthy skin, green beauty and terminology, skin conditions like inflammation, as well as spotlight focuses on individual ingredients and how they are used in formulation.

We hope you enjoy the new look, and hope you will help spread the word with your friends, and local stores about using Ayr Skin Care. To your healthy skin!

Bye for now!


If you have any questions or comments, we would be happy to answer you personally! Please contact us at