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Give Your Skin the Benefits of Argan Oil

What beauty secret has been used for centuries, only to make an explosion onto the beauty world again in this last decade for its anti-aging appeal? It can only be Argan Oil, or “liquid gold” as it is sometimes called. This golden colored, multi-purpose oil has a variety of uses from hair, to nails and skin, and that is just the beginning of why we love it.

Argania Spinosa, or Argan oil, is extracted from the nuts and seeds of the argan tree, and is an exclusive ingredient found in the foothills of the Atlas Mountains of Morocco, Africa. Indigenous Berber women have been leveraging the benefits of Argan oil for their bodies, faces, and hair since about 500 BC. In much the same way as the women of Southern Africa have utilized the Marula nut, it is wild harvested, and is best when it is cold processed and “raw” without heat or chemicals.

Glass jar of argan oil for skin care

Why Is Argan Oil So Expensive?

Argan trees are harvested in late July or early August, as their fruit falls to the ground. The women then spread the fruit out on the ground to dry the fleshy pulp, before proceeding to extract the nut. The rest of the fruit is discarded and added to livestock feed. To retain the benefits and consistency of raw Argan oil, they are ground by hand and pressed. This process expels the most pure and unfiltered oil, which is then stored in air tight vessels for at least 14 days, at which point the argan oil begins to settle and sieve itself.

From gathering to drying, to processing, it takes a tremendous amount of work to get a liter of oil. Here are some facts about what it takes to produce just one liter of Argan oil:

  • To get 1 liter of oil, the women...
  • Harvest about 30kg of argan fruits in order to get 2 kg of the nuts
  • Use traditional stone tools for two days to process the fruit to extract the nuts (Stone hand tools have been found and dated back to 500,000 years ago)
  • Hand grinding of the nuts takes an additional 2-3 days
  • Press the oil, let it sit for 14 days

Each Argan tree produces between 120-180 pieces of fruit, which means that one tree can produce approximately 4-6 liters of oil. So, many trees are needed in order to produce the amount of oil that will bring in a steady income during the season.

Ayr Skin Care Pure Moisture with argan oil benefits

Argan Oil’s Benefits for Multiple Uses in Skin Care & Beauty

Argan oil brings relief to dry and sensitive skin, which is one reason we use it at Ayr Skin Care in our  Pure Moisture Nourishing Face Cream, and our Restore Replenishing Night Cream. Day and night, Argan oil benefits the skin with high levels of vitamin E and antioxidants, which are beneficial to every type of skin. It also contains essential fatty acids to help soften, hydrate and protect dry skin.

Argan oil’s anti-aging properties may help reduce wrinkles.

Although wrinkles are best prevented from using sunscreen daily, and by using a good night cream with peptides, Argan oil, with its high concentration of omega fatty acids, (like oleic, linoleic and palmitic) may help strengthen skin tissue. The healthier and stronger the skin tissue, the more difficult it is for wrinkles to form. Argan oil has the ability to  permeate the skin barrier too, which allows deep softening in cell membranes. It is truly a wondrous anti-aging skin care ingredient.

Argan oil multi-tasks as a hair treatment!

Our scalp can benefit from the same fatty acid content. Argan oil can improve the health of the scalp as well as help mend split ends and give overall health and shine to your hair. Add a few drops on each section of your head, and massage in to create a wonderful hair treatment. Leave on overnight, and wash it out in the morning for luxurious and shiny hair.

Argan oil is an anti-inflammatory ideal for sensitive, mature skin.

One of Argan’s oil’s benefits for skin stems from the anti-inflammatory compounds the oil contains, such as CoQ10, polyphenols and vitamin E, all soothing for sensitive skin. Phenolic compounds that act as antioxidants might also help promote healthy aging by minimizing DNA damage caused by free radicals. Some signs of aging in cells may be caused by the damage from oxidative stress or free radicals, which is why antioxidants are so popular. The main natural phenols in argan oil are caffeic acid, oleuropein, vanillic acid, tyrosol, catechol, resorcinol, (−)-epicatechin and (+)-catechin.

Ayr Skin Care Replenishing Night Cream for sensitive, mature skin

What Type of Argan Oil Should I Buy?

If you decide that you would like to buy Argan oil to enjoy its benefits for skin, hair, or nails, look for 100% pure, organic oil. Buying high quality, organic Argan oil is about twice the cost of cheaper versions produced with heat, but it is well worth every penny. There are certainly good reasons why the best Argan oil is expensive, as we’ve seen. Be wary of inferior oils that have been “cut” with cheaper oils to make them less expensive.

Do your research, and try to find oil that has been treated well, has been processed without chemicals and heat, and is  Fair Trade whenever possible.

At Ayr Skin Care, we love the anti-aging benefits organic Argan oil brings to our skin care creams!

Bye for now!
Kirsten xx

PS. Did you know that native goats climb 20 feet or more to eat Argan fruit? We can’t be certain it’s for the anti-aging benefits of argan oil, however…


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