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This holiday season, the best gift is one that will make someone special feel special.

2020 was the year when we all learned how to bring the spa experience home: do our own nails, use aromatherapy at home to lift our moods, and give ourselves more facials. This also entails considering how to find meaningful, stress-relieving gifts for everyone on your holiday shopping list. Before you get overwhelmed, let us help you keep it simple—and sincere. We’ve assembled some great ideas for everyone on your list.

Top Off Your Holiday Shopping with a Free Travel-Sized Calm Facial Bar From now until the end of December, we’re giving away a free travel bar with each item purchased. That’s right! Not one bar per order, but for every item purchased, you get a free travel bar. Here’s how it works. Beginning on November 16, 2020: - Buy any facial product, and we will throw in a beautiful travel sized Calm Facial Bar. - Buy any body care product, including the travel bars, and you will get a travel sized Dead Sea Spa Body Bar. Made with organic oils and Fair Trade butters, both bars are artistically hand swirled to create works of art. The soaps come in a gorgeous box and are ready for gift giving, whether they be last-minute gift exchanges, hostess gifts, or stocking stuffers!

Now, let’s explore gift ideas for bringing the spa home for all your loved ones.

The Beautiful You Starter Kit

This year, we have combined our best selling facial products into a starter kit. Together, this kit has all you need to get started on a detoxifying, more natural method of caring for your skin. Purchased in a kit, you save over 26% off our regular price!

Our  Beautiful You Kit is a dreamy at home spa gift that includes:

  • Travel-Sized Calm Facial Bar - A cleansing bar soap with rich and creamy lather, made with detoxifying charcoal and turmeric, organic olive leaf and nettle to help calm the senses, and herbal-scented essential oils, all combined to refresh skin without stripping its natural oils.
  • Reveal Exfoliating Facial Foam - Help skin be merry and bright. This radiance-enhancing foam cleanser exfoliates dead skin, without irritation. Reveal Exfoliating Facial Foam cleanser contains fruit acids, so it does the job, smells like organic grape juice and goji berries, and is a natural choice for sensitive skin. Use 2-3 times a week to exfoliate gently.
  • Pure Moisture Face Cream - Our most popular product is loved because it is the answer to dry, sensitive and winter skin problems. With a clinically-proven 72-hour moisture well that deeply hydrates the skin, its organic and Fair Trade oils and butters moisturize and lock in moisture. It also includes probiotics, vitamins, and peptides to create healthy skin and reduce the appearance of wrinkles. It is the perfect cream for both day and night.
  • Virgin Marula Oil - This Fair Trade item is suitable for all skin types, and 2 drops applied to the face is all you need to instantly feel softer skin. Our oil comes from a co-op in South Africa, where indigenous women have been harvesting the marula nuts and processing them without chemicals or heat just as they have for centuries. Well-known for its amazing moisturizing qualities, this oil can be used before a moisturizer or as an oil serum.

Beautiful You Starter Kit is the ultimate gift for at home skincare this season.

The Perfect At Home Spa Gift for Dry Hands

Best at home spa gifts for dry winter hands by Ayr Skin Care

Our hands have been over-washed this year, and hand sanitizers with alcohol dry them out even more. Perhaps the most thoughtful gift idea is the gift of pampering and softer hands! Consider buying our  Winter Mint Body Polish, the ultimate exfoliant for the entire body - including the hands. It is emulsified, so when you rub it onto damp skin in the shower, it turns to a rich, creamy scrub that removes dead skin. Crafted with pure peppermint essential oil, softening mallow, and chamomile, this body polishing scrub is sure to uplift anyone whose mood needs a boost after a particularly stressful year.

We suggest following this with body butter or oil, or choosing our  Tranquility Hand Cream for some deep moisturization. This wonderfully thick, rich hand cream is a treatment you can apply in the evenings to rough, dry skin, and help get it back to feeling “normal”. Purchased together, this makes for a lovely, thoughtful gift for a sister, mother, or girlfriend.

Personalize Your At Home Skincare Gift Ideas By… Asking!

If you are struggling with ideas, sometimes it is just better to ask. If you have a relative over the age of 40, they may actually need a night cream. If your daughter of 25 is starting to worry about developing lines around her eyes, she may really want a great eye serum! Without knowing, it is often good to just ask.

Or…Take the guesswork out of buying by purchasing a gift card. Available in any amount, these cards make it easy for your loved one to pick out what they need or want for their at home skincare routine.

We have an esthetician available if you have any questions about skin type or want personalized guidance for gift buying.

Please connect with us at with any questions. Remember, when you sign up for our newsletter, you’ll also be the first to know about new blogs, the latest discounts, and the latest skin care tips. From our family to yours, we wish you a very happy, safe holiday season!

Bye for now!

Kirsten, xx

P.S. Those free travel bars are great stocking stuffers for teens, too… The charcoal in the soap, as well as the essential oil blend, is perfect for any skin type, including acne!

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