At-Home Spa Routine for Taking Care of Your Hands

The cooler temperatures and family traditions of winter come packaged together with lower humidity and dryer skin. Taking care of your hands becomes especially important to prevent peeling, chapping, and brittleness. For some people, peeling skin can even cause sores to develop—causing significant pain and unsightly scars. To help you moisturize dry hands gently and effectively, we’ve put together an at-home skincare routine for hands that’s refreshing for the senses and calming for dry and sensitive pores.

Step #1: Exfoliate Rough, Dried Skin

A person taking care of their hands in a skincare routine with exfoliating body scrub by Ayr Skin Care

Our elbows and heels are generally the most severely affected areas when it comes to the hardening of the skin, particularly in winter. However, taking care of your hands with an  exfoliant is still important for preventing calluses from forming around your knuckles and fingernails.

In the first step of this at-home spa routine, indulge in a warm (not too hot) bath or shower and apply a small amount of our peppermint-scented  Winter Body Polish, gently scrubbing the product in small circles with a particular focus on callused areas. If you’d like to focus solely on your hands, soak your hands in warm water for a few minutes before applying the polish and massaging the skin. The organic sugar in our vegan formula provides gentle and natural exfoliation, while mallow extract and Fair Trade butters work to moisturize and soften even the most irritated and dried-out of pores.

Step #2: Soften Brittle Cuticles and Nails

Fair Trade Virgin Marula Oil by Ayr Skin Care, perfect for hand care as well as facial skincare

Taking care of your hands with our Winter Body Polish is often enough to leave your skin hydrated and soft. However, if you need some intensive support to moisturize dry hands and cuticles, we recommend following up with our Fair Trade  Virgin Marula Oil. Wild-harvested and cold-pressed in Africa using techniques that have been employed for centuries, our Virgin Marula Oil contains two simple ingredients: organic marula seed oil and tocopherol (vitamin E), both known to nourish dehydrated skin while providing deep moisture.

After taking care of your hands with our Winter Body Polish and while the skin is still damp, massage a drop or two of Virgin Marula Oil into the cuticles and nail bed to hydrate and revitalize the area. If you wish to trim your cuticles, push them back, or clip your nails, take advantage of the softer texture to complete your at-home manicure with ease.

Step #3: Finish with a Soothing Hand Cream

To complete your luxurious skincare routine for hands, apply a long-lasting moisture barrier with our  Tranquility Hand Cream. The light citrus scent of neroli oil delights and pampers the senses while luxurious plant butters and rare natural essential oils create a rich moisture barrier to soften your hands and protect dry and sensitive skin from the elements.

Taking care of your hands with our Tranquility Hand Cream is easy. Simply take a small amount and massage the cream into your hands and nails. When used as a night cream, the premium ingredients penetrate deeply into the skin, leaving your hands softer and more supple in the morning.

Moisturize Dry Hands with Love at Ayr Skin Care

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We hope that you have enjoyed our skincare routine for hands and that this at-home spa experience makes taking care of your hands a breeze. At  Ayr Skin Care, you can be assured that you will enjoy only the highest-quality, ethical ingredients. As part of our promise to you, we guarantee that none of our products contain:

  • Gluten, dairy, or soy
  • GMOs
  • Harsh bead exfoliators
  • Inexpensive fillers
  • Mineral oil
  • Petroleum oils and jellies
  • PEGs or paraffin
  • Parabens
  • Synthetic fragrances
  • Synthetic dyes and colors

When sourcing oils and butters for our  cruelty-free skin care formulations, we intentionally support initiatives that provide for the education of children and livelihoods for women in developing countries. While you’re taking care of your hands, you’re helping to take care of our global community—doing good with your heart and hands.

If you would like more information about our brand or personalized advice for pampering your skin, don’t hesitate to contact us at (949)-545-6955 or

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