​Ayr Skin Care’s Favorite 5 Staycation Tips

Typically, a summer vacation creates images of lounging on a beach somewhere tropical, with fruity drink in hand, or perhaps standing in theme park lines with armfuls of souvenirs, or maybe even jetting away to a distant, sunny country.

There is a time and place for these wonderful adventures, but sometimes we don’t have the time or budget for such a trip, or we really just want to stay home and recharge without the hassle of packing a bag. Sometimes home is the perfect place to unwind and get some real rest.

So, today in the Ayr Skin Care Blog we’re going to look at our top 5 staycation tips.

Hello, Staycation!

Scoot over vacation, and make room for a staycation! Ideas pop into mind about what you can do: sleeping in, sitting in the garden, reading that book you’ve been meaning to get to!

But even a staycation needs an ounce of planning to be successful. Some might say this is even more important when you are staying home to relax, as it is easier to get sucked back into the normal routine when you don’t have a change of scenery.

Whether you are staying home because you are a through-and-through homebody, or if travel plans just aren’t in the works for you this year because of budget or schedule, here are our favorite staycation tips to give you a restful, lovely, and memorable time off.

Photo of a large kitchen with an island and bar stools

1. Tidy Up in Advance

Since you are going to be staying home, spend a little time prepping so it feels a bit more like a hotel. Use the weekend before your “trip” to clean up and make sure there is nothing in the space that will cause stress, like a pile of dirty clothes, dishes, or anything that will remind you of work to be done later. Tidying up is Staycation Tip #1.

One of the best staycation ideas is simply to treat yourself. Be creative, and honest with yourself, about what that looks like. For example, you could put a little of the money you saved by staying home towards hiring someone to come and give your home a good cleaning so you that don’t have to lift a finger. Now that’s a treat!

Photo of a decorated table with glass water bottle and cups

2. Set the Mood

Once everything is tidied, complete the hotel vibe by setting out something that will make the space feel extra special. Consider options like candles in your bedroom, or a vase of flowers in the living room. Think breakfast on the patio. Consider buying that special coffee grinder you’ve been thinking about, or maybe some spa-inspired products to add to your bathroom. And don’t forget that, at Hotel Home, you can put two mints on the pillow.

Some other staycation tips for setting the mood including preparing a special playlist in advance, dusting off “the good china,” or other special things around your house that you only use on special occasions, and planning to avoid the time-wasters you do at home in everyday life, like watching TV or texting. The more you can do to deviate from your daily routine, the better.

Photo of office and work supplies

3. Protect Your Staycation

Turn off your alarms and notifications, set your out-of-office auto-responders, place a mail hold until your staycation is over, and, if you have no time-sensitive activities planned, consider hiding the clocks around your house. Reschedule or cancel appointments, hand the dog off to a friend if it’s a source of stress in your life, and remind yourself to slow down: no hurrying allowed!

Maybe it’s an obvious staycation tip, but it’s so important. Self-care is a crucial aspect of any staycation. Removing reminders of your daily routine will help you unwind and fully relax. Only check e-mail and messages when you feel like it, and remember that “not at all” is a perfectly valid choice too!

Photo of lady in bed with pet pug

4. Be a Local Tourist—Or Not

Imagine if you didn’t live in town, and were vacation there instead. What would you want to do? There are probably so many places you’ve wanted to check out and haven’t gotten around to, and never mind all the exciting things you don’t even know about yet! One of our favorite staycation tips is to explore!

On the other hand, don’t let it become a burden. One reason that vacations are so stressful is that you’re spending all this money and you usually have a packed schedule of sightseeing. Don’t let that happen to your staycation ideas. Less is more. If you want to check out all the local museums, stores, and restaurants you never seem to have time to visit, then go for the gusto! But if you want to savor the feeling of having no obligations to leave your bedroom, that’s just as valid. The choice is completely yours.

Don’t feel pressured to fill every second of your days. That’s not just one of the smarter staycation tips: It’s a good rule of life.

Either way, here are some suggestions:

  • Have a Private Movie Festival. Pick a theme and stock up on your favorite movie snacks.
  • Go Camping…In the Back Yard. Pitch a tent in the back yard, make some hot cocoa and stash it in a thermos, and curl up in sleeping bags. If you have a BBQ or fire pit handy, roast some marshmallows! The best part? A full kitchen and bathroom are only steps away!
  • Have a Home Spa Getaway. Stock up on bath bombs, Epsom salts, luxurious cleansers, and moisturizing body oils. Treat yourself to a long bath followed by some skin-focused TLC. Check out our previous blog on setting up a home spa! This is one of our personal favorite staycation tips at Ayr, because there’s nothing like bringing the luxury of a good rest right to your own body. It’s so personal, soothing, and deeply nourishing. We love our skin care, and we want your skin to love you back!
  • Be a Tourist In Your Hometown. Visit nearby museums or attractions you haven’t had a chance to see before. Look into walking tours of historic sites and local food or wine tours. Take the scenic routes when you drive or walk. Buy your staycation groceries at a different grocery store. It’s all about getting away from that daily routine.
  • Or Plan Nothing! Okay, so we said that planning helps, but that includes planning to do nothing! Hey, it’s a great staycation idea. Hide the clocks, sleep in, stay in pajamas. It’s your time to relax and unwind. If you have more than two or three days off, it’s never a bad idea to spend an entire day—or more if you want—doing a whole lot of beautiful nothing.

Photo of plants in glass tubes filled with water

5. Take Photos

Just like an out-of-town getaway, be sure to take plenty of pictures. Sometimes it’s easier to remember to take photos when we are in vacation mode at some exotic destination, which is why we’re including this one in our favorite staycation tips. Make sure to take some time to snap some pictures of family time at home, whether you are curled up watching movies together, eating dinner on a restaurant terrace with a city view, or checking out a local park.

Welcome Home

Sometimes, people lose sight of what a vacation is really all about. That’s why staycations have become so popular, and we’ve chosen our staycation tips to reflect a restful, revitalizing experience. Here’s wishing you a dream staycation, and much peace!

If you have any questions or comments, we would be happy to answer you personally! Please contact us at info@ayrskincare.com.