Benefits of Handmade Soap for the Softest Skin

When choosing a gentle cleanser for the shower, there is nothing that benefits your skin more than handmade soap. But, not all soaps are created equal. It takes just the right non-drying bar soap to craft the perfect balance between moisturizing and cleansing without stripping. After all, no one wants tight, itchy skin!

Not only does handmade, small batch soap offer more natural glycerin for moisturization, but it also helps the Earth! No excess plastic in the form of large body bath bottles! No preservatives, silicones or harsh chemicals to go down the drain and out to sea, and the right bar can make your skin feel hydrated, soft, and silky smooth!

Every Body Loves Ayr Skin Care’s Dead Sea Spa Body Bar

The Dead Sea Body Bar incorporates all that you would want in a bar: it is antibacterial, it is soft and gentle, it is moisturizing, and it has a soothing spa smell from its unique blend of essential oils. It also contains heroic ingredients like organic shea butter and lots of mud.

Review of Dead Sea Bar - Tina F. (verified buyer)
“Can’t buy just one!!I love the dead sea spa bar. It is wonderful and makes my skin feel soft. The fragrance is pure essential oils, and not synthetic fragrance, which I really appreciate. It's also great for my son who is allergic to a lot of ingredients.”

Dead Sea Spa Bar With Box

Benefits of Rare Mud in Handmade Soap: Ethically Sourced & Softening for Mature Skin

Mud? Yes, mud. Here at Ayr Skin Care, we’ve found that mud—the right clay mud, that is—is a wonderful addition to your skin care regime. We source mineral-rich clay from the depths of the Dead Sea to bring you the best non-drying bar clay soap for sensitive skin. Dead sea clay comes from the healing waters of the saltiest basin in the world. Contrary to its name, the Dead Sea is a smooth, sparkling, and glassy surface. Nearby mountains, worn away of their minerals, rise in bright colors above the deep sea bed. The clay is prized for containing over 21 minerals that detoxify, soften, and purify the skin.

Dead Sea aerial shot

This unique bar soap, with beautiful swirls colored by the natural colors of the clays (no mica or synthetic colors), also includes the very rare Cambrian blue clay. Cambrian blue clay is one of the oldest clays in the world. A treasure found in the Leningrad region, in the middle of both ice and volcanic fire, has properties that increase circulation, stimulating collagen production, and even may reduce the appearance of cellulite.

Rich & Moisturizing Small Batch Soap with Shea Butter for Dry, Sensitive Skin

Skin-loving, luxurious and downright decadent, we can’t get enough of organic Shea Butter! It contains 4-9% unsaponifiables, which means that when we mix together our organic oils with all of the ingredients, they create “soap”, but the shea butter remains apart, as an extra rich conditioner.

Jar of shea butter for handmade soap production

Benefits of handmade soaps are enhanced by an ingredient like Shea butter. Shea butter soap can be an effective anti-aging product. The fatty acids in the soap cause your skin to produce more collagen, which reduces wrinkles and keeps your skin full and elastic. This can make your skin tone better and prevent skin conditions like cellulite, and is ideal for dry skin conditions year round.

Transport Yourself to the Spa with Relaxing Aromatherapy

There are many people with sensitive skin, including myself, that cannot use any synthetic fragrances. One of my favorite smells, however, is a “spa” smell. You know, that relaxing aroma that hits your senses when you enter a day spa? Aromatherapy is a healing art. Through high quality essential oils, the mind and body are filled with peace and relaxation. We managed to capture it with our unique blend of essential oils.

Dead Sea Travel Bar

Transport your daily beauty care to a luxury spa experience, every day. Each bar is a work of art. Rich and creamy, the benefits of our handmade Dead Sea soap are lavish and long lasting results. The Dead Sea Body Bar removes dead skin and toxins, promotes cell regeneration, and boosts collagen production. Reveal your luminous skin with the benefits of Dead Sea minerals and Cambrian blue clay in a bar soap, with creamy rich lather and lovely, gentle spa scent.

Another benefit of our handmade bar soaps is that they may be cut with a sharp knife. If you are going to leave for just a weekend, you can cut off a sliver, or share it with a friend. For longer travel, our Dead Sea Spa bar is available in our travel size, or try both of our bar soaps in the travel duo!

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