​Benefits of Peptides For Your Skin

Over the last few years peptides have become one of the most effective and sought after ingredients in skin care. What are they and why are they so important to our skin? Peptides are the fundamental building blocks of our skin. Read on for more information about peptide benefits for skin from the Ayr Skin Care experts!

What are Peptides?

Peptides are strong, complex structured chains of amino acids that have the ability to help support the production of collagen in our skin. Some are naturally created by the body, while others are synthetic versions of these natural compounds.

Research has shown that the peptide benefits for skin include creating firmness, helping minimize wrinkle development, and keeping skin elastic (youthful and non-sagging). While there are peptides that aid in weight loss, muscle development, and even cancer treatments, those that are best for the skin include collagen stimulating peptides like matrixyl and amphiphile (PA) C16–KTTKS.

Peptide Benefits for Skin

There are generally three types of peptides used in cosmetics: signal peptides, carrier peptides, and neurotransmitter-affecting peptides. These peptides can improve the overall appearance of skin tone and texture, and even help provide protection from environmental damage. They can revitalize the appearance of skin in the long term — unlike many skin “plumping” products that require continual use. Peptides work like a strong foundation on a building, which is why we are so excited to include them in our products.

Peptides in Ayr Skin Care

Eye serum

Our blend of tri-peptides (combination of 3 amino acids) is in both the Awaken Eye Serum, currently available online, as well as the much anticipated Restore Night Cream, that’s in testing and will be ready in early 2018. In both products, the peptides will help reduce the appearance of wrinkles, revitalize and improve the appearance of skin elasticity, and assist in stimulating collagen production.

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