Best Home DIY Spa Day for Two

Valentine’s Day is here! For many, that means heading to a packed restaurant on one of the busiest days of the year, or filing into another “romantic” establishment as everyone tries to find the dreamiest venue to spend a love-filled evening. Despite the expensive checks and accidental elbow rubs with other couples crammed in beside you, there’s nothing wrong with a traditional V-Day date. Indeed, this Valentine’s Day ritual is a love life rite of passage.Picture of a roses in a vase hanging from tree branches

However, at a certain point, braving the Valentine’s Day crowds and spending a ton of money on a familiar date might start to lose its appeal. If you and your honey are looking to do something a bit more low-key and out of the ordinary this year, there are ways to indulge on V-Day within the intimate setting of your own home.

A DIY spa day is an excellent alternative to the traditional Valentine’s Day outing. This unconventional date idea offers plenty of opportunities to get creative with your partner as you pamper and soothe each other. Enjoy these sensual Valentine’s Day ideas for couples to create a truly passionate and romantic evening:

Set the Mood

Ambience is key for an ideal DIY spa day. When planning your special home spa adventure, make sure that all the senses are optimized for ultimate pleasure.

  • Visual – Clean and declutter your space so that your eyes and mind can align to create a tranquil, stress-free setting –both physically and mentally. Dim the lights or use candles to add a relaxing and intimate vibe.
  • Auditory – Soft music or white noise in the background is the perfect touch to emphasize the romantic scene you are looking to create. Whether smooth jazz or ocean waves, make sure to have a pleasing audio backdrop.
  • Scent – Infuse some pure essential oils into a diffuser to set the mood, and say “love is in the air”. Lavender is a wonderful relaxing smell, or rose or sandalwood for a more sensual smell. Diffusers usually only take 2-3 drops of essential oils, and research has shown that our olfactory sense is closely connected with attraction. Unlike scented candles, which are often made with petroleum and synthetic fragrances, diffusers allow for a completely natural experience Don’t overlook this important step in creating a sensual and appealing atmosphere.
  • Taste – Have chocolate, strawberries, and champagne (or any other treat of your liking) on deck. The goal is to indulge all of your senses, and your taste buds are not to be overlooked. Feed your partner some of your tasty goodies to instantly skyrocket the passion levels on this delicious activity.
  • Touch – Touch is going to be a main focal point of your DIY spa day. Collect sensuous body oils, creamy butters, and soothing masks for enjoyable application during your spa treatments.

A Relaxing Bath

Picture of wine and wine glasses on a glass table top

Kick off your evening of pampering with a hot bath for you and your sweetie to enjoy. Fill up a bath with rose petals, or maybe a half a cup of epsom salts and a few drops of essential oils to relax muscles. If you tolerate artificial ingredients, bubble baths are another run idea to try. Create the perfect atmosphere, then detoxify and rejuvenate by scrubbing each other down with a luxurious cleanser after a relaxing soak.


Few things are more enjoyable than a relaxing massage where all your troubles and stressors are kneaded away. And while getting a rub-down from a professional massage therapist is a wonderfully pleasurable experience, perhaps the only improvement would be for your significant other to be the one to oil you up and rub away all that ails you.

Excellent oils to utilize for massage include cooling peppermint and eucalyptus, which provide soothing relief to tight muscles and help to reduce stress symptoms, although many people find them stimulating. Remember never to apply essential oils straight onto skin. Most of them require dilution of 6:1, in other words, 6 drops of a neutral oil (like avocado, apricot, olive) to one drop of essential oils. For a relaxing experience, consider lavender, sandalwood, rose or a nice citrus. Tranquility Dry Body Oil is also a great option to massage away tension and infuse skin with nourishment, and since it already contains some of the world’s most sensual and relaxing essential oils, you are ready to go!

Facial Mask

A quality facial mask is the perfect remedy for dryness, oily skin, enlarged pores and embedded impurifications. Before applying a mask, make sure your skin is perfectly clean. Exfoliating with a  nutrient-rich cleanser is a way of ensuring that your mask will give you the maximum results.

After cleansing, let your sweetheart treat you to a simple mask you can make at home, then you can return the favor. Once the face treatments are complete, quench your skin with a rich and nourishing moisturizer.

Manicure and Pedicure

Although mani-pedis often seem like they are just for the ladies, a surprising number of men appreciate getting their hands and feet spruced up as well. Instead of having your guy go rosy-cheeked by making an appointment at the nail salon, spoil him with a nail clip, cuticle cut, and foot scrub in the privacy of your own home, then let him practice what he has learned on you.

Take this opportunity to enjoy the same kind of quality time with the man in your life as you would your best friend. You get to have a fabulous time with your guy and complimentary nail polish service!

Have a Fabulous Valentine’s Day

No matter how you spend your Valentine’s Day, just be sure to enjoy it! If you decide to spend the evening in, hopefully, these Valentine’s Day ideas for couples and some DIY spa day magic will be just what you need to create a night you’ll never forget. If you’ve missed the boat on planning for this year, consider this idea for an upcoming anniversary, birthday, or special date night at home. Modified, this idea also becomes a great idea for a girl’s night with friends.

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