Close Shave: The Best Shaving Soap for Sensitive Skin

A Luxury Shaving Soap Your Skin Will Love

If you’re searching for the best shaving soap for sensitive skin, you’re not alone. People with sensitive skin often have adverse reactions to commercially produced canned shaving creams. Both men and women can experience redness or a rash that develops after shaving with creams that contain synthetic chemicals and fragrances. While many genetic and seasonal factors contribute to sensitive skin, the essential way to address reactions is to pamper your skin by shaving with soap that is all-natural and free from chemical irritants.

Close Shave shaving soap and box with pine needles

Close Shave: Introducing Our Luxury Shaving Soap

We set out to formulate the best shaving soap for sensitive skin and offer a rich, silky foam that lasts for more than 120 shaves. Close Shave is ideal for everyone and can be used on any body area prone to shaving sensitivity. And unlike commercial shaving cream cans that often end up in a landfill, our Close Shave luxury shaving soap comes in a ceramic bowl that can be reused even after the soap is gone.

Shaving with soaps that contain harsh chemicals and artificial ingredients can aggravate skin, so our Close Shave uses only organic oils and cocoa butter that nourishes your body. Another reason why Close Shave is the best shaving soap for sensitive skin is that it produces a rich lather that helps to eliminate razor bumps. And our light, gender-neutral scent comes from all-natural essential oils, including cedarwood, bergamot, lime dalmatian sage, sandalwood, and black pepper. The scent is heavenly, even without synthetic perfumes!

How to Use Close Shave

Too many of us rush through shaving, and that can contribute to irritation. Here are five tips that turn shaving with soap into a mini-spa experience!

1. Shave Last, Not First

Wash your hair and body before shaving. This gives your skin and hair follicles time to soften up, reducing skin irritation.

2. Shave with the Grain

While shaving against the grain can produce a closer shave, following along the grain can reduce skin irritation.

3. Try Using a Shave Brush

When you use a brush, like our Vegan Shave Brush, as part of your shaving routine, you’re helping the hair on your body stand up, which allows you to get an even closer shave. Shaving brushes aren’t just for men, either — they have the same effect on legs and underarms, so women can get a close shave, too! You can even save almost 10% when you order our Perfect Shave Bundle, which includes both our shaving brush and our luxurious shaving soap.

4. Use a Luxury Shaving Soap

Treat yourself to an old-fashioned shave by using a shaving soap that is made with calming, organic nettle and indigo powder. French green clay helps the razor glide over your skin, helping you look and feel your best post-shave.

4. Lather Up in Lukewarm Water

Using very hot water is not ideal for shaving, as it removes moisture from your skin. Instead, lather up after your shower using lukewarm water. Once you’re done shaving, splash the area with cold water to tighten the skin and prevent ingrown hairs.

5. Don’t Forget to Moisturize

Be sure to use an all-natural moisturizing lotion after shaving. This keeps skin feeling soft and looking radiant!

Close Shave soap lathered up with a vegan shaving brush and razor

The Best Shaving Soap for Sensitive Skin is All-Natural and Vegan!

Our ethically sourced, 100% vegan ingredients offer the most protection for all skin types, but especially for those with sensitive skin. If you have any questions or want to know more about Close Shave, we would love to hear from you! Please get in touch with us.

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