It’s Tea Time! Chamomile’s Multitasking Benefits for Your Skin Care

Like you, I’m a multitasker extraordinaire. Every day, I balance home-life, running a business, volunteer work, and I even get in a song or two during performances at my church. Life is certainly full. 

And, the many “ life happens” moments are why I love the many benefits of chamomile in my skin care products and in my life. 

The Ultimate Multitasking Herb: Chamomile 

While no one can say that chamomile heals anything, there is no doubt that over history and in natural products used today, chamomile is a superstar. And, chances are – you have some in your pantry right now.

Legendary for internal comfort, this powerhouse herb called “the water of youth” has more uses than most realize. Steep a steaming cup of chamomile tea as you learn how to put this remarkable ingredient to work for calmer, more soothing moments.

Here are just some benefits of chamomile and its extracts that you can enjoy today:

  • As a finishing rinse, warm or cooled tea can help banish dandruff. 
  • Cooled tea bags soothe under-eye bags and puffiness. Sipping tea soothes the stomach, fights cold symptoms, and eases tension. 
  • To calm irritated skin, including the after effects of sunburn, place a tea dampened cloth on the affected areas. 

And finally, the tea is prized around the world for its known abilities to soothe nerves, calm the mind, and promote well-being and rest. 

Chamomile presents the perfect remedy for those days when the boss breathes down our necks, the kids forget their homework, the dog gets sick, or dinner comes from a cereal box. 

When “life” happens, reach for a cup of chamomile tea—breathe deeply of the soothing aroma, enjoy a sip, and relax.

Picture of a field of chamomile flowers

We all need chamomile in our lives 

Chamomile’s delicate daisy-like flowers grow all over the world. For commercial use, they are harvested for tea and distilled into oils and extracts. 

German and English (Roman) are the most widely known varieties and are commonly used in natural medicine. 

The reason? Chamomile is yet another plant bursting with powerful  antioxidants. It contains terpenoids and flavonoids which bind to and neutralize free radicals. We know that antioxidants help the immune system by stopping free radicals in their tracks before they can damage DNA. 

Azulene and quercetin are widely known compounds in chamomile. These flavonoids are present in vegetables, fruits, grains, and tea. Historically, they have been linked to health benefits associated with reducing risks of cancer or heart disease. Azulene, used topically, may assist in cell regeneration to combat wrinkles and blemishes on the skin. 

We know chamomile in skin care is a common over-the-counter product ingredient made for dry, itchy skin. We look to cultural uses and the marketplace as clues for how ingredients, like chamomile, provide more than just surface benefits in our formulations. 

How to enjoy more chamomile extract benefits for your skin 

At Ayr Skin Care, I think you can see that we love our chamomile! We like to add the essential oil to a diffuser in the house and breathe in the relaxing aromatherapy. We love to enjoy a steaming cup of chamomile tea to wind down after a long day. And we love to add it to formulations in our lab. 

We use the powerful benefits of chamomile in many of our formulations in the form of chamomile extracts (in oil or water), in the form of Roman and German chamomile essential oils, and in the form of chamomile hydrosol. And we invite you to explore chamomile “beyond the tea” to bring more chamomile benefits into your daily routine. 

One way is to experience the benefits of chamomile in many of our products. Carefully chosen to provide numerous skin-boosting benefits, we add the multitasking powers of chamomile to our  Calm Facial Bar (and travel bar), and our Awaken Revitalizing Eye Serum

We invite you to enjoy chamomile, the “water of youth,” for multiple benefits that encourage healthful radiance both inside and out. 

Bye for now,
Kirsten xx

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