​Deep Dive: Awaken Eye Serum with Caffeine

If you’re like me, waking up with dark, puffy circles under your eyes can just about ruin your morning. That’s why our deep dive is going to look closer at the Awaken Eye Serum. With caffeine, cucumber, green tea, oils, and peptides, this serum is light and can improve the look of under-eye puffiness, redness, and fine lines. Read on to learn more about just how we created one of the best eye serums for anti-aging that you can find right now.

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The Search for the Perfect Eye Serum

When formulating our signature eye serum, “Awaken”, I first looked at what problems I was experiencing with the skin care I tried to use around my eyes. My skin has always been sensitive, but the area around my eyes was of special concern. Every product, even when it reported to be safe for sensitive skin, irritated my eyes and made the skin around it either burn or itch.

I saw my aging skin getting more wrinkled and dry, and I had these strange red patches that would spring up under the eye area. When this happened, I couldn’t use makeup of any kind near my eyes for several days. I knew I needed to do something or the skin would get worse and worse.

So I asked myself: What do I need? If I can’t use the products currently on the market, what can I use for puffiness under my eyes? That’s when I had the idea to formulate an eye serum with caffeine and other ingredients that would likely not cause redness in the skin.

Finding the Perfect Ingredients

Like so many of you, my main problem was that I woke up nearly every morning with puffy skin around my eyes. I knew that sleeping on my stomach, with my face squished into the pillow, did not help, but I couldn’t (and still can’t) sleep any other way. Another issue I wanted to address was the aging around my eyes. To create the best eye serum for anti-aging and puffiness, we looked at the following ingredients:

Cucumber: There are several ingredients that are good for soothing puffy skin in the mornings, one of which is cucumber. This vegetable contains caffeic acid and ascorbic acid, both of which are useful in bringing down water retention in the skin around the eyes, thus decreasing puffiness. I had used it in spas, and even at home, placing slices of cucumber over my eye. We found a great cucumber extract, which would help in our formula.

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Peptides: Bring on the peptides! One of the main ingredients that I wanted in our eye serum was a blend of peptides. These fantastic chains of amino acids are really the building blocks of the skin. As we age, our cells reduce production of collagen. To put it simply, peptides send messages to the skin to reverse this reduction and increase collagen production. The result is firmer skin and less likelihood of wrinkles.

Caffeine and Green Tea: Other popular and effective ingredients in under eye creams and serums are caffeine and green tea, both of which help improve circulation and diminish the appearance of dark circles by constricting the blood vessels and helping reduce swelling. Eye serums with caffeine and green tea also typically offer valuable antioxidants, which help with free radicals and slow down the appearance of photoaging and sun damage on the skin.

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Other Extracts: Another wonderful, skin firming ingredient is pomegranate, and to this we also added additional skin-soothing ingredients like calendula, chamomile, rose, and goji berry. In addition, we use hyaluronicacid and an eye complex with probiotics and algae for skin renewal and hydration. There are many other extracts in serum…too many to mention in one blog post!

Oils: The choice of oil under the eyes is particular too. Some oils are too heavy to be used under the eye area without causing milia or small bumps to be produced. We use olive squalane and rosehip oil in small amounts to add hydration, without clogging pores. Rosehip is a wonderful oil for aging or dry skin, and olive squalane is moisturizing.

Enter the Guinea Pigs

Like all of our products, our eye serum with caffeine was tested on willing victims and never tested on animals. When we got our serum to the right place, we packaged it in an airless pump to keep contamination to a minimum and to help the product’s shelf life before sending it out for testing.

The only thing that we needed to remind people was they only needed a little at a time! They needed to depress the container enough to get a small amount out, about the size of a couple of grains of rice, and use this amount twice daily, after cleansing. The immediate reaction was “wow!”

Our eye serum with caffeine had just the right amount of ingredients in it to be a heavy hitter in the eye serum arena, without containing the parabens, petroleum and synthetic fragrance ingredients that cause so many allergic reactions. As with all of our products, it was then sent to two outside labs for independent testing for microbiology and stability, and then off to labeling and packaging etc.

This serum is a crowd pleaser! When you combine the perfect blend of oils, extracts, and actives like peptides, the end result is the best eye serum for anti-aging, without cheap filler ingredients. All of our actives are used at full strength and in a winning combination that helps you welcome the day and “Awaken” to put your best face forward!!

Bye for now!

Kirsten xx

If you have any questions or comments, we would be happy to answer you personally! Please contact us at info@ayrskincare.com.