Deep Dive | Pure Moisture Nourishing Face Cream: An Allantoin Face Cream Moisturizer with Antioxidants and Vitamins

Out of all types of skin care sold, we would place money on the number one seller (after a cleanser) being a daily moisturizer. People seem to understand that their skin needs a moisturizer, but what does a moisturizer do? How do you know that your moisturizer is going to do what it should without clogging your pores? What steps went into the creation of Pure Moisture Nourishing Face Cream? Let’s take a look at Pure Moisture, and all of the wonderful ingredients that are in it.

A good moisturizer is something that is worth its weight in gold. Done correctly, a moisturizer or should help feed the skin, help prevent transepidermal water loss (loss of water by evaporation from the skin), and help keep the skin hydrated. In other words, a plant-based allantoin face cream or other moisturizer does good work at keeping the skin moist and healthy, and then forms a protective or occlusive layer on top, which helps protect us from the environment. Well moisturized/hydrated skin is less likely to appear dry and chapped.

How We Make Pure MoisturePicture of Ayr Skin Care's Pure Moisture nourishing face cream for mature skin care

Pure moisture was developed for normal to dry skin, but can be used by all skin types. It is a facial moisturizer with antioxidants, which are beneficial to aging skin and useful for younger skin too. Antioxidants help our skin protect itself from free radicals, which attack the cell structure. Resveratrol, which occurs naturally in grapes, is used, along with honeysuckle. Pure Moisture is face cream that contains allantoin, which is derived from the comfrey plant, and enhances cell regeneration. Skin soothers like allantoin, aloe and vitamin E and C help keep skin feeling young and nourished. Panthenol (vitamin B5) is also used to help reduce inflammation and redness in the skin, as well as improve deep hydration of the skin. Panthenol, which is used a great deal in the shampoo and skin care world works along with the glycerin in the formula to draw moisture from the air and trap it in the skin, making them powerful humectants. Vitamin E is used to extend the life of our natural oils, and also help feed the skin.

When choosing our occlusive layer to protect the skin, we picked oils that we knew would benefit the skin and assist with keeping it supple. High levels and the right balance of essential fatty acids in an allantoin face cream can ensure skin health. Argan oil and Macadamia nut oil are both anti-aging oils. We combined them with olive squalane for the perfect balance of oils that sink into the skin, without being greasy and provide a suppleness and smoothness in skin tone. Evening primrose oil extract adds a high impact to the formula with vitamin C and phenylalanine. Evening primrose helps restore hydration of the skin and reduces the appearance of wrinkles and lines. Skin that is properly hydrated and protected keeps skin looking younger. Interestingly too, the linoleic acid in evening primrose, and the palmitoleic acid in the macadamia nut oil work to promote wound healing and provide a natural protective barrier. The oleic acid in the squalane helps with cell regeneration and softens chapped skin.

The texture of Pure Moisture facial moisturizer with antioxidants is rich, yet has a light feel as it is applied to the skin. Skin drinks in the cream, and immediately feels more hydrated and youthful. The cream has fruit extracts which naturally give a light, fruity scent which dissipates once it is applied. No synthetic colors or fragrances are ever used in our formulations.

How To Apply

Pure Moisture Nourishing Face Cream with allantoin should be used every morning after you have cleansed your face, after any toners or serums that you may be using. It will seal in the moisture and vitamins and cover it with a natural protective layer that stays with you all day long. It is carefully formulated so that any foundation may be applied immediately after application. The finishing feel is soft, supple skin with a light silky finish. In the absence of night cream, it can also double as a moisturizer for evening. We hope you have enjoyed our deep dive into Pure Moisture! 

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