Exfoliation – The Key to Skincare

Using Natural Scrubs for Your Face

You want in on a special secret?  You can actually get better value out of your skin care products by adding exfoliation to your skin care routine.  Skin types of all ages need to exfoliate, but sensitive and mature skin needs it even more!  Read on to learn why sensitive and mature skin requires more maintenance and care, how to exfoliate your skin, and what natural scrub for your face can do the best job.

New Skin, New You

Your skin is always in a state of renewal.  Skin cells only last so long, and new cells are always rising from the bottom of your skin (dermis) to the top (epidermis).  In a perfect world, your older skin cells would all leave your face as they die, and there would be a beautiful, clear path forward for those fresh, young cells to exist — but life doesn’t always go according to plan.

Ever looked in the mirror and seen something that looks like dinosaur skin?  How about dry patches, or dull and blotchy skin?  Anyone see frequent blackheads? All of these horrors can be associated with the build-up of dead skin cells.  So how do we get rid of them, and how can that save you money? With exfoliation!

The Benefits of Exfoliation

When fresh cells come to the surface without being blocked by dead skin, we are able to feed the skin with our serums and moisturize with our creams more effectively.  Your products can’t dive through a layer of dead cells to find the healthy new ones underneath; they end up staying on top, doing nothing for cells that are already dead.  When you don’t exfoliate with a natural scrub for your face, you end up having to use more product for little to no results.  Clearing the path for deep penetration of active ingredients actually saves you money.

Beyond using less product to get amazing results, massaging and exfoliating the skin with natural scrubs for your face also helps eliminate toxins and impurities, increases blood and oxygen flow, and may even stimulate collagen production at the deeper levels of your dermis.  Keeping skin clean and clear ensures pores aren’t clogged with dirt and keeps blackheads to a minimum.

How to Exfoliate the Right Way

There are several ways you can exfoliate including physical and chemical.  Each has its uses, but knowing the best way to exfoliate your face is crucial.

Physical Exfoliation

Rubbing or scrubbing that uses a facial brush, granulated natural scrubs for your face, or other "scrubby" materials like beads, is known as physical exfoliation.  The problem with this style of exfoliation is that for many, the delicate skin on your face can be scratched or irritated by it.  Often, harsh chemicals or improperly shaped granules (on a microscopic level) can irritate even normal skin.

If you had normal skin when you were in your 20s, older skin can turn into sensitive skin as it becomes thinner with age.  Thinner skin is also easily irritated by harsh scrubbing and physical exfoliation.

Chemical Exfoliation

Chemical exfoliants range from harsh chemical “peels” to leave-on products that eventually wash off.  Some of these can also damage or irritate skin and should be used carefully.  If you’re looking to remove dead skin cells, but not damage your skin in the process, Ayr Skin Care has formulated a specialty wash that is gentle on skin.  Try the Reveal Exfoliating Foam Facial Wash with Alpha Hydroxy Acids.

A New Solution

Our Reveal Exfoliating Foam Facial Wash with Alpha Hydroxy Acids is ideal for sensitive skin types due to its light-as-air quality, as well as its delicate makeup and skin cell removal process.  With fruit acids and coconut based cleansing agents, it’s not exactly a natural scrub for your face — instead it’s a wash that dissolves away dead cells, external pollution, and built-up skin oils.  It gently works to release the healthy, beautiful skin beneath without inflaming your face.

Use this wash in conjunction with our Pure Nourishing Face Cream to protect and enhance your newly revealed skin!

How to Use Our Exfoliating Wash

For the best way to exfoliate your face, apply three pumps of soft foam to your skin, and massage in circular motions for about two minutes.  Now, simply rinse your face with cold water to tighten your pores and plump your skin.  Use the Reveal Face Wash every other day.

The Best Solution: Ayr Skin Care

You can spend all the money in the world on the best serums and thick moisturizing creams, but, once your skin cells are dead, there’s no point in slathering them with products; nothing will bring them back to life.  Save yourself some money, and exfoliate with Reveal Exfoliating Foam Facial Wash to discover what a difference a little foam can make!

Have more questions about how to exfoliate your skin? Reach out to our team today!

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