Finding Peace Balancing Work and Home

Do you sometimes feel like a hamster running on a wheel, not really sure if you are getting anywhere? It’s a busy world that we live in, and it’s difficult sometimes to find a place of balance between what we have to do, and what we want to do. How do you focus on finding peace amongst all this busy-ness?

Here are a few tips to regain your state of bliss.

1. Stop the “Runaway Cart”

Finding peace means finding time to stop and take stock of what is causing your stress. Taking a few minutes to do this can seem impossible when we are stressed, but making the time to stop can actually get you back on track.

Consider making a short list of where the stress is coming from, and try to be specific. “My boss” is not specific, but “I feel I’m not good enough and my boss will notice” is a good start. See if there’s another way you can look at it. It might be that some of your fears are actually at work here.

2. Get Your Self-esteem Back!

Make a short list of a few things that you know that you are good at, even if they are small things. Try to remember them when you feel down. Examples might be:

  • You make people smile.
  • You are persistent.
  • You see the good in others.
  • You are compassionate.

Peace balance

3. Unplug

When we spend all day on our phones, electronic devices, and watch the news at night, we have not given ourselves time to really relax. Set aside some time every day to just unplug. Finding a peaceful space where you can spend time taking a bath, relax with essential oils or hand cream, or simply look at the stars before you go to bed at night. There is peace in nature, so try to spend a few minutes a day outside.

4. Do Your Best

Remembering that everyone out there (yes, even those people cutting you off in traffic) are all just trying to do our best, is powerful. At the end of the day, when you are going to sleep, you know that even if someone annoyed you, they are simply human. This can help you forgive and move on, finding peace every evening.

There have studies been done on forgiveness, and the power it has to help us relax, bring down blood pressure, and live longer. While you are at it…forgive yourself too!

5. Spend Some Time with Small Children or Animals

We love both of them at Ayr Skin Care! When you spend a few minutes with animals or small children, they remind you to be fully present. When we stop worrying about the past or the future, we can be relaxed and in a peaceful and happy place. The love of a child or an animal is unconditional, and reminds us to look around and see joy in the present.

6. Finding Peace is a State of Mind

We work harder, and vacation shorter, here in the USA more than any other country. If you don’t have the time to take large breaks, try to find a little time every day when you can take a walk on the beach, treat yourself to yoga, listen to some soft music, or do something that makes you feel that you are recharging your batteries.

7. Learn to Let Go

A wise man once said, “no one’s going to show up at the door with an award for being the hardest working.” We can be our own harshest critics, and need to remember that we are working to live our lives the way that we dream that they should be — but that doesn’t mean that you need to be superhuman!

If you don’t accomplish everything that you thought you would, take a deep breath, and do your best. Finding peace and personal joy, and helping others find theirs, is really what it’s all about, right?

Personal Joy

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