Great Travel Tips for Your Summer Vacation

While you may be tempted to toss everything into a bag and run out the door, space can be an issue when you are packing for a summer vacation. Whether it is a long or short trip, with air travel nowadays, optimizing space is critical; but how do you bring all that you will need, and still manage to hand carry onto a plane? Here are some ideas of what to bring on your next escape, along with tips on how to bring along your Ayr Skin Care favorites.

  • Sun Protection – This is the most important part of your travel skin care routine for health reasons. Do not forget your favorite sunscreen! While you may decide to just grab a tube for your body when you arrive, you may wish to choose more carefully a sunscreen that will go on your face. Look for an organic option or one that is as natural as you can get, and see if they have a travel size available, which would be handy for your travel skin care routine. Get a sunscreen that is specifically designed for the face. If travel size is not available, and you are not checking a bag, you can decant some of it into a travel cream jar, available in most drug stores. There are several new brands on the market that make “reef safe” sunscreen, so consider buying one of those brands, to protect you and the ocean wildlife. And don't forget a hat!

  • Sunglasses – As long as we are talking sun care, do not forget your sunglasses! If you require reading glasses, and like to read in the sun, then “readers” are now available in sunglasses. You might consider bringing one pair of regular sunglasses for touring and driving, and another pair for up close reading by the pool. Make sure they are good quality UV protection types.
  • Washing your face has never been easier! Calm Facial Bar is available in a travel size especially for vacation ease. If you are going on a very short trip, and are limited for space, you can get a sharp kitchen knife and very carefully cut a ½” off of the end of the bar, and bring that as part of your travel skin care routine. We suggest getting a plastic travel bar box at the drugstore, or put your soap into a zip lock baggie. The Calm Travel Bar is the easiest way to wash day and night, and you can even use it in the shower or bath for your entire body.
  • Makeup remover may be purchased in small quantities, but if you are stuck, consider using fractionated coconut oil. Fractionated coconut oil is coconut oil that has had the long-chain fatty acids removed by hydrolysis or steam distillation. The result is lovely light oil that never hardens, and still has great properties from the fatty acids that remain. Buy a travel sized bottle to carry this liquid oil in as an indispensable part of your travel skin care routine. You may bring cotton balls or use tissue and remove your makeup in the evening with this oil, but it has many other uses. You can use it as a massage oil, a lubricant, cuticle oil, and body oil. The sheen is lovely on legs after a suntan, when you want to look nice in a dress at dinner, and a light dab will tame flyaway ends. If you have time as part of your travel skin care routine, you can create a hair masque with this also, by covering the ends in oil, and putting them up in the sun or in a towel for a half an hour. Fractionated coconut oil is also called MCT, which stands for medium chair triglycerides, and can be found in most health stores and markets, or Amazon.

  • Don’t forget the aloe! If you are able to, as part of your travel skin care routine, bring a small container of Aloe Vera, or an after sun cream containing it. If you cannot find it before your trip, keep your eyes open for one when you arrive at your destination. Aloe is one of the best treatments for too much sun, and no matter how good we are with sunscreen; this is a great moisturizer for after sun time. Another great tip is to bring lavender essential oil. Lavender is the perfect solution for skin burns or bug bites. Use the fractionated coconut oil (above) and blend 6 drops of it with one drop of lavender, and rub into insect bites or sunburn to ease the discomfort. Lavender is also great oil for aromatherapy, and can help with allergic reactions, just by breathing it; it is a natural antihistamine.
  • Your moisturizer is a big “must” as part of your travel skin care routine. Despite the changes in humidity with travel by air, or your destination, your skin still requires moisturization daily. Pure Moisture is a 1 ounce size, so it is small enough to carry onto a plane. If you are leaving for only a weekend, and are very limited on space, you might invest in a small ¼ ounce plastic container for your trip. If you get several of these, they will do for your moisturizer, and even foundation or powder if you need those for a special evening.
  • Facial Masque – Nowadays there are many single use facial masques that can fit naturally into your travel skin care routine. Make sure that you check the ingredients to make sure you are buying a good quality one. Another idea is to bring a small zip lock bag with kaolin or sea clay with you. All you need to do to make your own masque is to combine some water, or toner with some clay, and create a paste. On longer vacations, it is good to do a masque once a week, so bring a tablespoon of powder for each masque you wish to make. Avoid using sugar or salt from hotel bathrooms for exfoliation. The grains of sugar are too hard and large for facial skin, and using them may result in micro-tears in your skin.
  • The perfect purse is difficult to find, but we love the idea of doubling your beach bag. Find a perfectly sized beach tote, and put your toiletries inside in a small zippered bag to use for your travel skin care routine. Look for a tote that has an inside zipper that is large enough to hold your passport, if you are traveling to another country. Take what you need, including travel items and jewelry, onto the plane, and when you arrive you can toss your wallet and jewelry in to the hotel safe, and end up with a perfect bag for the pool.

Whatever your travel plans are this summer, we hope that you take the time to travel light and smart. Taking the bare minimum, and items like the coconut oil which serve many uses, will make your packing a breeze! Don’t forget to toss in a couple of your favorite protein bars or nuts, so that you are prepared for snacking on the road, or if you are stuck on an airplane without food!

Happy Summer!

*Please note these are helpful travel tips and are not to be taken as medical advice. Please consult your physician and use care when handling essential oils. 

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