Handmade with Love. From Our Family to Yours.

How Ayr Skin Care Began

Ayr Skin Care started around 2001 in my laundry room.  In an effort to reduce the amount of toxic ingredients in my beauty regimen and address my allergies, I started by making detergent.  Soon, I was making all of my makeup and personal care items in my kitchen.  There were many failures, like an attempt at a natural mascara that ended in smeared raccoon-like eyes, but through it all, I discovered a passion for creating natural and organic skincare.

After having three children, my college chemistry was a bit rusty, so I studied cosmetic chemistry on my own and refined my education in classes with cosmetic chemists at schools all over the world.  My skin care formulas were becoming more complex and soon my friends and family were reaping the benefits as my first “test subjects”.  As their demand grew, I began to piece together my line.  Even though I knew that my products would be non-toxic and vegan, I furthered my studies in traditional skin care formulation before diving into the organic world so that I would understand how to create the feel of a luxury line by using more natural ingredients.

Handcrafted with Love. From Our Family to Yours.

The company sprang out of this humble beginning, and was supported by my children and husband.  Today, Ayr Skin Care remains a 100% owned, family run business.  My husband, who had a background in designing and building houses, built and outfitted our lab here in Southern California.  His help in setting up the company was invaluable.  Without him, Ayr Skin Care’s dream may never have come to be a reality.  My eldest daughter, Fiona Briggs, is our V.P., in charge of operations and marketing.  She is the one who also takes amazing photos and manages our site and social media.  Our other two children also help with the business.  My son manages our inventory and ingredient database, and my youngest daughter helps in the warehouse, lab, with deliveries, and whatever else we need.  The strength of family is in every day operations.

Unlike most other skincare lines, we don’t outsource our formulas or have our products made in a third-party manufacturing facility.  I am in the lab every day hand making the products that we sell, to ensure every batch is held to the highest standards of quality and freshness.  When you open your Ayr Skin Care products, each one was imagined, formulated, handmade, and packaged by us.  I take great pride in sourcing the highest quality organic and natural ingredients and bringing them to you.

Love Behind the Company Name

During my childhood, it was my mother who instilled a love of organic food, and who also struggled to take care of my sensitive skin.  With both food and topical allergies she had to come up with creative ways to wash my laundry.  There were no unscented laundry detergents back then, so everything required triple rinsing.  Now that my mother has passed, and I know how much time and attention she gave to me, I know that none of this would have been possible without her raising me as she did.  She and my Dad did a beautiful job of inspiring me to be the best that I could be.

One thing that really was passed down was a love of family.  My mother was born in the seaside town of Ayr, Scotland.  She immigrated to the USA when she was 25, met my Dad, and raised our family.  It is to her beginnings that we pay homage in the name “Ayr Skin Care”.  It helps remind me every day of her love, and her constantly reminding me that family is everything.  It feels good to have a business that is family first, and run together, and to pass on the love that my mother taught me.

We sell real, handmade skincare, with the highest quality level that is possible.  We make it every day, and our love goes into each product that we make.  From our family to yours...

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If you have any questions or comments, we would be happy to answer you personally! Please contact us at info@ayrskincare.com.