​How Does Yoga Help Your Body as You Age?

It can start suddenly. You bend down to tie your shoes and feel something lock up. Everyone tells you it’s because you are getting older, but that’s not necessarily the truth. Whether you are middle aged, or just out of shape, you may not be stretching enough. Maybe you have spent years at a desk job. Or, perhaps scrolling Facebook and other social media sites has taken over much of your time, but sitting still can make your body feel old and stiff. So, what can we do about it?

Maintaining Your Activity Level

As we age, physical activity and self care slows down. It’s not so easy to jump into the sports of your youth or maintain a rigorous routine. High impact sports or weightlifting can hurt your joints, and even can cause injury if you are nearing 50. What you need is the perfect stretching and toning routine that is easy on your ligaments and offers you many other benefits to enhance your vitality.

Today, we will look at one of our favorite practices for mental and physical health, and certainly a staple for many women and men in Southern California. Whether you are aging, or just feel stiff and out of shape, yoga is a wonderful daily practice that you can easily incorporate into your day. Let’s look at the advantages of yoga and how it can make you feel years younger. Explore yoga for glowing skin, healthy muscles, and improved energy.

Advantages of Yoga for People Over 40

You use an anti-aging skin routine for your face — now it’s time to use an anti-aging routine for your body and skin. In addition to improving your mobility, you can also utilize yoga for glowing skin and overall vitality.


Many injuries occur from our bodies not being flexible. As we age, our muscles, joints, and connective tissue become tighter and require gentle stretching and warming before exercise. According to Harvard Health, one advantage of yoga, is that it incorporates these movements into your practice and may even help alleviate pain from old injuries through gentle movement.

Bone Strength

As we age, our levels of bone density may diminish, leading to osteoporosis (or “porous bones”). The American Osteopathic Association in particular, believes that the weight bearing exercises included in the practice are able to help prevent bone density loss simply by doing them several times a week.

You want to utilize every advantage of yoga that you can. Use it to strengthen your bones as you would use a moisturizer to regenerate the skin cells in your face.


There are many positions that focus on balance and control. Balancing positions in yoga build core strength and increase overall muscle strength. In addition to strength, balance is also improved, which protects us from injuries sustained from falling as we age. This strength can also increase your blood flow to ensure circulation that helps your extremities function better and brings nutrients to the most delicate parts of your skin.

Heart & Soul

It is difficult to find a more perfect exercise than yoga for sharpening the mind, relieving anxiety, and calming the rhythm of the heart and breathing. Stress has been known to increase fine lines and creasing around the mouth and nose. While skin care is one way to mitigate these signs, yoga helps you control the overall cause behind them. Your practice could lead to yoga for glowing skin.

How is this accomplished? Since breathing and meditation are a big part of the yoga practice, you learn to remove tension from your body and control your blood pressure. Another advantage of yoga for the mind is that it helps you become more focused on the here and now. You’re not dwelling in the past or worrying about the future — your mind is calm.

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How to Start Yoga….And When to Finish

As you can see, studies from Harvard, the American Osteopathic Association, and others have found that doing yoga is one of the greatest ways to stay young. Not only do you enjoy the advantages of yoga listed above, but your practice can continue long past the age that you would normally have to stop exercising. There are many people practicing yoga until their 80s or even beyond that. The longer you practice, the easier it is to continue as you age.

It is easy to start practicing yoga. Not only are cities teaming with yoga studios, across the USA yoga classes have popped up at local gyms, and you can even find yoga classes online. There is a certain advantage to taking a yoga class with others. You develop camaraderie, gain insight and guidance from a teacher, and share peaceful energy with others. Once you’ve picked up the basics, you can take a few minutes to practice any time, anywhere.

Use care when beginning any exercise program, and seek medical advice if you have any existing health conditions.

What Will You Need?

If practicing regularly, we strongly recommend getting a yoga mat. This is the only equipment you will need if you go to an outside class. Most yoga studios provide foam blocks and bolsters for use during class to support your practice.

Yoga clothing does not need to be fancy. Anything close-fitting and flexible is perfect. Shoes are not used during yoga practice.

You may also want to consider face washesoils, and moisturizers to use before and after your practice. Wash your face to enter your yoga class with clear skin and treat it well afterwards to take advantage of that yoga glow.

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What Can You Do?

One of the best advantages of yoga is that it brings your mind back into focus. After a yoga class, your brain will be sharper and more focused. If you’re looking for additional ways to find this feeling, consider looking into daily meditation or another spiritual practice — like journaling.

Take some time for you and incorporate some yoga stretches into your routine this week and discover the difference for yourself!

If you have any questions or comments, we would be happy to answer you personally! Please contact us at info@ayrskincare.com.