How to Be More Positive: It’s More Than Just Words

On how the power of positive thinking impacts your mental health and yep, your skin!

When most people think of positive thinking, they immediately think, “how can I be more positive when [blank] is happening right now? Or, “why has this happened to me in the past?” There is no easy answer to this. Sometimes “bad stuff” happens to good people. Sometimes you cannot control the events in life that happen. What you can do, however, is control how you choose to react to them, and what you decide to keep as your inner monologue moving forward.

Children are not born with low self esteem. At some point in our childhood, whether it be the teen years or before, experiences and how we react to them start to form our idea of self. This is why as adults, we may still hear an inner voice that we created, still running negative ideas of ourselves in our heads. That voice is often the voice of ourselves as a child: hurt or confused.

As a skincare brand invested in improving mental health and wellbeing, we hope this blog will inspire you to pivot toward positive thinking the next time you find yourself feeling blue. Only we have the power to change that negative thoughts recording and replace it with one that will bring us more happiness.

What can you do now to experience more happiness?

How to be more positive requires more than just just pasting on a smile, replacing negative words with positive as a means to fake your way through. That said, even those things can be a first step towards experiencing more joy. And with more joy, comes more of that inner glow we all love to exude!

In my teenage years, I read a book by Norman Vincent Peale, called The Power of Positive Thinking. That book changed my life.The thoughts you think about yourself and your world are creating your experiences. Words and thoughts have the power to transform energy into reality.

Let’s just say that you are sitting in traffic, and a car rear-ends you. In that moment, you have the choice to scream and judge the guy in the car, or you can pause for a moment to let your thoughts be more neutral. The truth may be that the driver just found out that his mother has cancer. He may be in shock from a child of his being injured, or perhaps he was just fired from his job. We never know the stories other people are living!

Learning to react in a more neutral way and be placid as you go through life will help you avoid going straight to the negative. Try not to judge others, or yourself, and when you do find yourself in judgement, practice forgiveness.

How to Be More Positive in 4 Steps

1.Start paying attention to your inner voice. If you notice that you’re criticizing yourself or others, replace the negative words to positive, with compassion. If it doesn’t stick, that’s okay! It is a practice. Just by noticing and pausing to reflect on how kind your words are is a big, big step.

2.Focus on the present moment. We tend to drift back to past mistakes and beat up ourselves (or others) about it. Staying present allows us to notice every day blessings like our health, friends or even just the sunshine.

3.Treat yourself with love like you would a dear friend. If you hear your inner voice saying, “I see more wrinkles on my face”, give yourself a mental hug, and remind yourself that only our society creates labels about beauty only being for the young. We are all beautiful just as we are. Mental health and skin health are related, so care for both like you would a loved one. A smile makes you look younger, too!

4.Start a gratitude journal. If you are stuck trying to figure out how to stay positive, staying filled with thanks helps. Write down 10 things a day that you are grateful for, and see more good come to you!

Ayr Skin Care is here to help!

Our mission statement is, “Healthy Skin. Beautiful You.” We want you to recognize your own unique beauty, inside and out. Here are some steps that we have taken as a company to keep this at the forefront of our business practices.

We show real women on our social media and advertising

Your mental health and how skincare is marketed are related! Nothing inspires more negativity for a 40-something woman than seeing air-brushed 18-year- old models in magazines and social media. Ayr Skin Care uses real women, not models. They all use our skin care products, and on our website in particular, they are all over the age of 50.

We give you tools to stay positive!

When your order ships from our warehouse, we include affirmation cards for you to use. Put them on a mirror where you will see them, and use them as reminders of your beauty and your worth. After you feel you have no more need for the cards, we encourage you to share them with someone you think may need a positivity boost or some love. Inspire others in your life to learn how to stay positive.

Ayr Skin Care’s Tranquility hand cream

We try to make a difference in the world—you can, too!

We spend time and money researching and buying Fair Trade in order to make a difference in the poor communities where some of our ingredients come from⁠—because it is the right thing to do.

Buying shea butter from a woman’s co-op in Africa helps women who work processing the shea butter have safer working conditions, fair pay, and retirement security. It also supports their children in school.

Studies have shown that children who are educated will educate their own children, and generations may benefit. In Africa, if a woman can sign her name to a contract, she can go into business for herself, selling handmade items at the co-op. That simple ability to sign her name can take her from poverty to success. Seeing value in education also encourages families to send their daughters to school, a practice that has not been done in many areas of the world.

When you buy from Ayr Skin Care, your purchases help support these women and their families. Our shea butter is an ingredient in the Pure Moisture, Restore, Tranquility hand cream and our Dead Sea Spa soap. Shea butter is just one example of the many Fair Trade ingredients we work with in our entire skincare line.

Woman smiling in the sunshine wearing a hat

There are many ways to stay more positive. Whether it be through helping others, meditating, using positive thinking methods, or inspiration reminder cards, we hope you will find something that works for you.

Bye for now!

Kirsten, xx

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