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Indie Beauty Expo & More

Indie businesses are usually some of the most authentic and original in any industry. They’re not run by stockholders, business executives, or algorithms — instead, they’re nurtured by inventors and entrepreneurs. They exude a unique identity and are the place where most new and exciting ideas are born. Rather than reporting to a board of directors, independent businesses celebrate achievement, making a difference in their communities, and producing solutions that solve real-life problems.

What is an Independent Beauty Brand?

An indie beauty brand is one that focuses on holistic beauty, lifestyle, and health. Passionate inventors develop products that take on unique challenges with one-of-a-kind personal solutions. It’s not just a business — it’s a cause. They revel in an independent spirit and focus on the art of beauty rather than the commerce of beauty.

Ayr Skin Care is a proud and passionate indie beauty brand. We strive to develop top quality collections and deliver award winning skin care products at indie beauty expos and seminars.

How Indie Beauty Works for You

The inventors of  indie beauty products identify and fill unique needs that answer the personal problems of a niche of users. We’ll be the first to tell you our products are not for everyone. But, we will also argue that they are far better than mega brand one-size-fits-all product offerings. We like to think that the team at Ayr Skin Care is committed to natural, organic, and vegan ingredients to ensure we produce products that most people can love.

Buying from indie beauty brands is also a vote for a greater cause. Buying from Ayr Skin Care allows you to make moral choices, including:

  • Supporting cultures around the world by buying through co-ops
  • Supporting women-run business in small villages 
  • Buying cruelty-free products 
  • Shopping sustainable products

Instead of spending thousands of dollars on ads, we choose to spend our money on high quality ingredients that are used in maximum quantities in our formulas to create  award winning skin care products.

Off to the Indie Beauty Expo

As engaged and in the trenches as they are, it’s still hard going for most indie businesses to succeed. With no corporate safety net, any of us can lose our way or lose momentum. It’s important to our employees and to our fans to make connections in our communities and throughout the industry. To ensure we’re constantly learning from others and making connections, we attend the yearly Indie Beauty Expo in Los Angeles. We’ve been twice and it is one event we absolutely love.

Our first year was exciting. We didn’t know what to expect, but we made a splash at the Indie Beauty Expo with our striking, hand-made booth. In a way, building our own booth mirrored a commitment to being unique and independent. Once we drew people in with our booth, our formulations themselves became the talk of the floor. Attendees, guests, and marketers were fascinated by our silicone-free blends — a new and exciting innovation nobody had seen before. Since receiving recognition for it at the Indie Beauty Expo, we plan to make it our first patent.

facial cleanser

The Best In Show Award Goes To…

And, we’re making a new splash. We’re excited to announce our  Reveal Exfoliating Foam Face Wash with Alpha Hydroxy Acids is a finalist for the coveted Best in Show honor. Twenty experts evaluated 350 products in 40 categories. Experts from top brands such as Marie Claire, Neiman Marcus, Lord & Taylor, Kohls, and Whole Foods lend their expertise to the Expo with many participating in the judging. We are honored to be recognized for our expertise, passion, and carefully formulated product offerings.

Indies Are Changing The Entire Beauty Industry

Going to indie beauty expos and shows in the past few years has been revealing. It’s become clear that indie businesses are changing the entire face of beauty. I’ve noticed that mega brands, the ones run by boards of directors, are adopting “cause” marketing plans. Where did they learn that? Mass-manufactured products with organic ingredients are just now popping up on grocery store shelves. Even if they’re not really  making organic products, by adding a drop of something organic, they can pretend to be the same as an Indie brand.

The ideas and methods spawned by indie beauty brands are proving to be powerful and we see many established brands following our lead. As sobering as it is to see brands with unlimited marketing funds and outreach “co-opt” our success — it shows the power of our ideas and our ideals.

Continuing with Passion

You can’t bottle passion or the relentless search for what will work better. Our indie beauty businesses are proving to be the real leaders of today and remain the place where innovation drives an entire industry. Ayr Skin Care is proud to be at the forefront of innovative beauty.

Every year, we look forward to rubbing elbows with the best of indie beauty and bringing back even greater passion for our business, our products, and our cause. Every time the Indie Beauty Expo comes around, look for our booth when you attend!

If you have any questions or comments, we would be happy to answer you personally! Please contact us at info@ayrskincare.com.