Introducing: RESTORE, Replenishing Night Cream Moisturizer

Everyone deserves a special time for regeneration and renewal, and nighttime is the perfect part of the day for it!

Today we’re proud and delighted to introduce Ayr Skin Care’s newest product, Restore Replenishing Night Cream moisturizer, the answer to your hydration and moisture dreams, with the vitamin boost your skin needs! Read on to learn about our exciting new anti-aging night cream, and how it can make a difference to your skin.

Deep Hydration Reservoir

Is your skin showing signs of dehydration? Is it feeling skin tight, rough, or dry? Does it look dull?

With Restore, say goodbye to dry skin. Our night cream moisturizer features the perfect blend of plant-based hydrators, for an all-vegan formula.

Beet Sugar Saccharides

First, we use saccharides from beet sugar, a unique composition similar to the carbohydrate complex found in human skin. It binds to the skin cells providing a moisture reservoir that lasts for up to 72 hours and can even last through showering!

Cogon Grass Extract

We also use an unusual plant called cogon grass, which is rich in potassium and 3-dimethylsulfoniopropionate (DMSP). This naturally-occurring metabolite with a big scientific name has the benefit of providing hydration to the stratum corneum so that, as water is drawn into our skin cells, it can remain there even after showering. The overall effect is a feeling of hydration and “plumpness” in the skin—the ultimate goal of our Restore Replenishing Night Cream moisturizer.

Plant-Based Humectants

Humectants like propanediol and glycerin, both sourced from plants, provide additional moisture and add smoothness to the overall consistency of the cream.

The Wonder of Hexapeptides

Hexapeptides have been getting a lot of attention in the skin care industry recently, where they have been recognized for their restorative properties. They get their name from the fact that they are molecules that each contain six amino acids.

There are many different kinds of peptides, some with more benefits than others. Many have mix-and-match holistic properties that build upon one another. Ayr’s unique combination of 8 peptides in the Restore night cream moisturizer can help build collagen, reduce the appearance of fine lines and give a tightening lift to the facial skin. Some of the peptides target firming the skin, and others reduce the appearance of fine lines. This hexapeptide blend does it all!

Nighttime Rejuvenation

Antioxidants are one of your skin’s first defences against free radical damage from the environment, and nighttime is the perfect time to add extra antioxidants to your skincare routine. While you rest, your skin cells can be fed by a vitamin cocktail!

The power of the Orchis Mascula, or “early purple orchid” flower, is captured in our Restore Replenishing Night Cream moisturizer in the form of a powerful extract, where it offers soothing, skin-conditioning compounds that also work to brighten and lighten the skin via the modulation of melanin production. Continued use of this extract may help lighten age spots or freckles as it conditions the skin.

To support this effect in our anti-aging night cream, we also use a green tea extract that contains condensed antioxidants and vitamin E, along with soothing extracts of calendula and mallow, to help the skin get the rest and comfort that it needs.

Natural, Organic Oils to Nourish and Protect

At Ayr, only the finest organic oils are chosen to moisturize and help protect your skin while you sleep. For Restore, we combine organic evening primrose, South American Babassu oil, organic shea butter, and organic jojoba oil in a beautifully-balanced blend of vitamins, antimicrobials, and concentrated fatty acids to quickly absorb, feed the skin, and help promote elasticity and balance sebum and oil production.

With Restore night cream moisturizer your skin will feel radiant and renewed, and the after feel will be a rich layer to protect your skin from losing moisture while you rest.

Daily Dose of Vitamins

Nighttime is the right time for vitamin C! Vitamin C boosts cell regeneration, but it is photosensitive, making it less well-suited for day creams where we are likely to encounter sunlight.

Rounding out the vitamin blend, we combine vitamin C with A, K, E, and B5 to give your skin a vitamin-enriched boost, for a fuller, more anti-aging night cream experience.

No Perfumes, No toxins!

Ayr Skin Care never uses perfumes. Our night cream moisturizer features a light citrus scent that comes from a natural essential oil blend of tangerine, rare neroli, and bergamot. You’ve probably noticed that, in bed, with minimal air movement, a scent tends to hang around, so Restore features truly the lightest of scents, which fades quickly and soothes you off to sleep!

No Silicones, No Problem!

The majority of skin creams rely on petrochemical-based moisturizers and silicones to give a silky feel to their product. At Ayr, where we are always natural and continually striving to make the best product possible, we have eliminated silicones, which may cause allergic reactions in some people.

In their place, we use bamboo silica. Natural and renewable, bamboo is the perfect choice for a silky feel without the need for silicones. One touch and you’ll be hooked! Thanks to the bamboo, our night cream moisturizer is rich and silky, and completely non-toxic and natural.

The Boost Your Skin Needs

After many months of formulating, testing, and perfecting, Ayr Skin Care is proud to present this unique night cream moisturizer. We have chosen to use an airless pump jar to help keep dirty fingers out of the product, and the carefully metered top allows you to depress once to get just the perfect amount of cream for your nightly ritual.

We are so pleased to bring a unique plant-based moisturizer, vegan and cruelty-free, a true anti-aging night cream, handcrafted in small batches here in California with love. Try Restore Replenishing Night Cream when it launches on October 1st, and see what all the fuss is about!

If you have any questions or comments, we would be happy to answer you personally! Please contact us at