Is Bar Soap as Effective as Liquid Soap for Skin Care?

There’s no getting around it: we’re living in challenging times. We never expected to be working from home or that we would have to wear a mask every time we leave the house or that we would be hoarding alcohol-based hand sanitizer!

As we make the best of a difficult situation, we are all experiencing fresh consequences to the new reality that we are struggling to overcome. One of these is the harmful effects of constant handwashing and the effects of sanitizer on our skin.

When asking is bar soap as effective as liquid soap, it’s important to understand the benefits of bar soap, and in particular, bar soap made and clinically proven to support sensitive skin’s needs, such as our formulas at Ayr Skin Care.

What Are the Benefits of Bar Soap?

In terms of effectiveness at cleansing your hands of harmful bacteria, bar soap is as effective as liquid soap, and

Natural bar soaps made with Fair Trade shea butters and activated charcoal at Ayr Skin Care

either can be used to wash hands properly. In addition to determining whether bar soap is as effective as liquid soap, we also need to know what the extra benefits of the bar soap are. At Ayr Skin Care, we have some additional suggestions for limiting skin irritation and repairing damaged skin. The answer some dermatologists are providing is to switch away from liquid hand and body soaps, and use bar soaps instead. But, people are resistant to the switch.

Many big brand soap manufacturers tout “antibacterial” liquid soap as being superior to your everyday bar soap, but that is more of a marketing ploy. Using good old bar soap helps you avoid anything with alcohol in it, particularly when the soap’s ingredients are naturally-derived and made for sensitive skin.

One skin care trend that is taking hold is a return to some traditional products, including bar soap. Good old-fashioned bar soaps are a blessing in this new normal when we are all drowning in alcohol-based products.

The Benefits of Bar Soaps Made with Natural Ingredients

Ayr Skin Care offers a number of bar soaps that nurture the skin while protecting you from harmful germs. Our bar soaps help you combat germs in a gentle way, utilizing naturally antibacterial oils and essential oils.

The Calm Facial Bar uses natural and vegan ingredients, like avocado butter, pure sea clay, and silky essential oils, purifies, tones, and firms and revitalizes sensitive skin.

The Dead Sea Body Bar employs a blend of 21 essential minerals and Fair Trade shea butter. Emollients moisturize while removing dead skin and toxins.

In addition to the cleansing and moisturizing properties of these two bar soaps, the Tranquility Moisturizing Hand Cream utilizes a combination of rare natural essential oils and organic emollients like Fair Trade shea butter , cocoa and mango butters to capture and hold moisture in order to tone and nourish the skin.

Maintaining Your Skin While Following Health Guidelines

A woman washing hands under running water.

While medical experts understand the need for hand sanitation to limit the spread of diseases of all kinds, dermatologists are increasingly seeing patients coming into their offices with dry, itchy, reddened skin. Often these symptoms are the result of frequent handwashing and hand sanitizer use. The question then becomes how to protect ourselves from disease while limiting the damage to our skin. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) stress the health benefits of handwashing, which can significantly reduce the spread of colds, flu, and Covid-19. However, they do not address how to diminish the resulting skin damage.

The Mayo Clinic offers some useful tips for maintaining skin care while washing hands, including using lukewarm water rather than hot, avoiding antimicrobial soaps, and combining moisturizers. In addition to these steps, you’ll want to take additional measures to determine which skin care products can help reverse the damage of frequent washing and hand sanitizing. That’s where we step in!

What Are the Benefits of Charcoal Bar Soap

One natural ingredient we love at Ayr Skin Care is charcoal, which we include in our soap bars, the Dead Sea Body Bar and Calm Facial Bar. This all natural ingredient has demonstrated a surprising range of benefits, including its remarkable properties in cleansing, detoxifying, and soothing the skin.

Each of these products demonstrate clearly that natural products are not only better for the planet in their sustainability and the absence of toxic chemicals and petroleum products, but they also work better. It’s that simple. These products are all paraben free, cruelty free, and contain no artificial colors or fragrances.

This means that Ayr Skin Care soaps and hand creams will not damage your skin like alcohol-based sanitizers and liquid soaps, and will help you create a sustainable, long-term skin care routine designed to support and nourish your skin at a deeper level.

Ultimately, when exploring if bar soap as effective as liquid soap, we have come to understand that in our current reality there are times when using hand sanitizer or liquid soap in a public restroom is necessary, but those instances make a healthy skin care regimen even more important to ward off dry, cracked, and itchy skin.

When you get home from your errands and activities, take a moment for self care and give your hands some TLC!

Bye for now!

Kirsten, xx

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