Is Organic Skincare The Best Choice?

I don’t think there’s any doubt that organic living is better for our own personal health and the health of the planet. Here in Southern California it is practically a religion as we experience growing and thriving farmers markets, farm to table lifestyles, and large organic sections in our grocery stores. Organic is more expensive to purchase than conventional products but for a growing, informed society – the costs of not going organic are much higher.

Let’s take a deep dive into all things organic!

Organic Is Better For The World

My Dad tended our huge organic vegetable garden way before it became fashionable. I grew up eating from that organic garden. One thing I learned is that creating an environment that promotes beneficial insects -rather than killing them with poisons- and the use of processes such as composting are keys for a healthy eco-balance.

Conventional farming practices relies heavily on pesticides that contaminate water and our soil as well as crop spraying that sends poison into the air we breathe.

The truth remains that when insects are poisoned, birds eat them and get sick. The cycle continues as other animals eat the birds and moving the poison through the entire food chain.

The Benefits of Organic Go Farther Than Poison Control

Organic farming practices use significantly less water than conventional farming practices. Approximately two-thirds of the freshwater used by humans around the world supports crop irrigation per year. Organic water run off is clean. Ground water, watershed and the ocean’s plants and animals benefit from a reduction in harmful chemicals seeping into their ecosystems. According to experts, Organic farms also use 30 percent less energy for the same yield. When you consider all the benefits of organic farming it is easy to see how embracing these practices can make a huge difference globally.

Organic Products Are Rich in Antioxidants- Good for Health - Great for Skin!

Keeping toxins and poisons out of your food is one way to live a natural and organic lifestyle. But, let’s take a look at what you put on your body. Our skin is a natural barrier against free radicals, UV rays, pollution, and smoke but, it still does absorb some of what we put on it. Since our skin care products go more than skin deep, antioxidant rich organic and natural ingredients are key to safely nourishing skin.

However, much of what is on store shelves contains a cocktail of toxic ingredients, including parabens, formaldehyde and petroleum waxes. When looking at maximizing the health of your skin it is important to make sure that ingredients in your skin care are natural and organic.

Organic and Natural Skin Care Is Not Hard To Find

Like organic produce, natural and organic ingredients for skin care are available. But the truth is they cost more and demand more care in handling, which are reasons many of the most well-known skin care companies don’t use them. Another truth is that many consumers are more concerned with instant gratification such as a temporary cover up of wrinkles than they are in playing what we call “the long game.”

At Ayr Skin Care we take the time to research each of our ingredients. We scour the world to discover high quality antioxidant rich ingredients, oils and extracts that have proven anti-aging properties. Sometimes proven over many centuries. Our process respects the integrity of the ingredients and blends them for maximum benefit to promote nourished, younger, and refreshed skin - without harmful toxins.

There are many ways to go organic in your food and skin care choices. We hope your smart organic choices give you a healthy glow from within with organic foods and without with your glowing, nourished skin. And, we hope Ayr Skin Care products help you along the way. To your health!

Bye for now!

Kirsten, xx 

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