Living Your Joy

We are celebrating our one year anniversary of offering healthy skin remedies at the end of this month, and it got me thinking about the reasons why we began this company. The skin care business is arguably one of the most difficult of all, with thousands of companies competing against each other for retail space. Why did we decide to embark on this journey? I believe it had to do with the concept of living your joy.

My husband, who is very wise, likes to talk about “the rocking chair theory”. It goes like this: If you could imagine yourself at the ripe old age of 90 plus, sitting out on a front porch in a rocking chair, reflecting back on your life, what would you think? Would there be some things that you should have done? Would have done but you were too scared, lacked confidence, talked yourself out of, or allowed yourself not to do because of what someone else said or did? His point is that you should be able to picture yourself in that chair, reflect back on a life that was lived to its fullest, and regret nothing. If you could do that, you would have lived a full life. Living your joy is about knowing that you ended every day with no regrets.

We Are All Unique

We are all unique expressions of life. All of us are completely different, and filled with gifts and talents and personalities that no one else has in exactly the same way. Think about that for a minute. There are currently estimated to be over 7.6 billion human beings on planet Earth. And every one of those individuals is filled with a very unique makeup. Each of us likes different things, loves different kinds of people, and is filled with different talents and dreams. The next time you feel less than anyone else, or doubt yourself in any way, take a moment and think about this. It’s pretty amazing. Each person finds happiness and completeness the same way you do -- living your life full of joy.

So, we are unique, wonderful beings, filled with our own personal desires, loves, and passion to become what or who we want to be.

Express Yourself

When I was four I began dance lessons. I was born with legs that turned inwards, and the doctor told my mom that in addition to “special shoes” that I should be put into ballet as soon as I was able. I took to dance like a fish to water. Within a few years, my legs were straightened, my posture was good and I was in love with dance. After about 10 years of ballet, I turned to modern dance, which I found more freeing. I loved doing choreography, and I loved to leap, high into the air and perform the dances for an audience. I was living my joy through dancing. My favorite place in high school was the stage in our school theater. If I wasn’t in a play, I was singing or dancing, and as much as I loved singing and acting, the thing that really made me feel alive was the dance. When I leapt into the air, I could just feel the power of life, joined with the music, and I felt strong, beautiful and free.

After getting a dance scholarship, I went off to university, only to discover that I was now a small fish in a much larger pond. Maybe some of you can identify with this. It doesn’t matter if your thing is dance, or football, or swimming. If you are the best in a small pond and go into a larger pond, you will be met with challenges. My biggest challenge was that there was a two-year wait list to audition for the dance department. Ever had that feeling like something was keeping you from living your joy? I did. I had been offered a position at a modern dance troupe in Los Angeles, but I was still underage, and my mother refused to sign the paperwork, saying that I needed to go to college first. I wish I could tell you that this was an uplifting story, but I actually share it with you to be honest and to make a point. At that time I was lost. I didn’t know that Ayr and creating healthy skin remedies was anywhere in my future.

I gave up. I stopped dancing, which was the center and wellspring of happiness in my life because I could not audition for the department. Instead, I changed my major and minor and went in a totally different direction. I continued to find ways to dance, like ballroom or going to the clubs with friends, but it was not the same, and I sank into depression.

What did I learn from this? Well, they say you cannot put an old head on young shoulders. When I sit in my rocking chair many years from now, I will still feel a bit disappointed in myself that I didn’t branch off into another avenue of dance. I could have done it, but I lost confidence in myself. I have no regrets with my life, because, in the big picture, I might not have met the same people, or lived the same life as I might have if I had gone off for a career in dance. What I do regret is that I gave up and didn’t try harder. In the end, I found that living your joy comes from a place of being satisfied with every decision you make and its outcome.

Why We Started Ayr Skin Care

So this brings me back to why we started Ayr Skin Care one year ago. I had been making healthy skin remedies for years, (see “Our Story” ) and decided that I wanted to share it with others that might also have had difficulty finding skin care for sensitive skin. Maybe there were other people who had allergies or problems with finding ways to gently exfoliate the skin? I talked to my husband and he asked me one question: “Will you regret this if you don’t do it?” I looked within myself, and I realized that once more I had found a source of creative expression that brought me joy. I was proud of the classes that I had taken, and fulfilled by the learning and studying. I loved creating skin care and sharing it with other people. I knew that if I didn’t start this company, and try my hardest to be successful, that I would regret it. So this time, instead of giving up on my dream, I decided to take a deep breath and go for it. Ayr Skin Care is part of the reason why I encourage every customer to live their joy.

What’s Your Dream?

So, what is your dream? What is your talent, or your joy to share with the world? When you read the term “living your joy”, what comes to mind? It doesn’t really matter whether we succeed, but it does matter that we honor our talents and individuality enough to try. Is there something in your life that doesn’t feel right? Can you bring more inspiration to others, or can you find a place of power inside that will propel yourself into a new adventure? Life is rich. There are many people on the planet, but no one exactly like you. You are a moment in time, a mixture of where you came from, who you are, and where you are going. Today I encourage you to live your life with purpose, to take time to be easy and nurturing to yourself, and to be the best you that you can be.

The next year holds many challenges for us. We will continue to expand our healthy skin remedies, we have new products coming into the current line in the fall, and we will continue to express, blog, share, and hope you will come along with us.

Bye for now!

Kirsten, xx

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