Make 2018 the Best Year Ever!

Setting Life Goals and New Resolutions

Happy New Year to you! The New Year starts today, and like everyone else, we are swearing off the holiday treats and taking stock of our goals for 2018. What are you are doing this year? If you want to accomplish your resolutions, setting life goals is part of the key. Read on to learn more about following through on your New Year’s goals!

There is More to Goal Setting than You Thought

It’s easy to tell everyone that your goal for the New Year is to drop 20 pounds and get fit, or to get a promotion, but what really makes setting life goals a reality?

Goal setting is a process. Writing down your intention is always more powerful than simply telling yourself (or others) that you are going to do it. Setting life goals on paper makes your goals seem more concrete, and you have a better chance of success.

One exercise that is easy and fun to do is to create a roadmap for your life. No matter what age you are now, you can look ahead at the remaining years and find goals for yourself. You may know that you have always wanted to go to Italy. You can draw out a timeline, and decide that you will travel to Italy in the next five years. Focus on the steps that make your trip a reality including saving up money and getting your life in order.

Think of Your Life as an Adventure

A fun exercise is to ignore finances and to imagine all of the adventures that you would like to have. Have you ever wanted to fly around the world? Have you wanted to hike a certain mountain, or run a marathon? All of these goals are adventurous, and require some planning to achieve. What’s to stop you from making them a long term goal today? Adding them to your roadmap at whatever point you would like to achieve them makes setting life goals concrete and easy.

What Would Make You Happy?

Setting life goals should not feel painful! When you make small goals, like wanting to clean your room, those are considered chores, but larger goals should be fun. As you take the time to make small New Year’s goals, make sure to go beyond the year too, and imagine the fun that you could have. When you look ahead at the next 40 years, it becomes more of a reflection, and less about chores.

The Rocking Chair Theory

Picture yourself at 90+ years old, sitting in a rocking chair on a porch. Picture being interviewed by a reporter and the reporter asks you about your regrets. If you have lived your life in joy, and according to all of your goals and dreams, the answer should be no.

We are all unique individuals with talents, dreams, and goals. When you get to the “rocking chair” point in your life, don’t you want to be able to look back at it and know that you did everything that you wanted to, and that you lived your dreams? Everyone makes mistakes and this is not about whether or not you made mistakes, but whether you lived up to your full potential.

How did you go about setting life goals? Did you express your unique talents and do all you wanted to do? Your New Year’s goals are about more than just one year, they are about your whole life!

Don’t Live Your Life In Fear. Live It Fully In Joy!

This year, I challenge you to look at more than a casual “New Year’s resolution”. Take a look at the road map stretching out before you, see who you can help, what talents you can express, where you can go, and how you can show up to life with the best you that you can be.

You are a joy and a light in the world. Express it in 2018 and beyond!!

Bye for now and happy New Year!



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