Gifts from the Sea: All about Marine Algae Extract and the Benefits of Algae in Skin Care

One ingredient family that we love, and which has been very on-trend in beauty over the last few years has been marine algae. How does algae help with skin care, and is algae anti-aging?

When we talk of marine algae, we are talking about a family of photosynthetic organisms that grow in a variety of water temperatures and environments around the world’s oceans. They’re some of the most powerful nutrients on the planet, and have nourished thousands of species for millions of years.

Algae extract therefore makes a powerful ally in our health and beauty rituals, and the benefits of algae in skin care go on and on.

The Beautiful Colors of Algae, Each with Its Own Strength

There are a reported 20,000 plus varieties of marine algae, ranging in color and type from red, to brown, green, and blue-green types.

The key is in the color. When we talked about antioxidants in prior blog posts, we looked at how the bright colors contribute to the benefits of antioxidants in the juice, fruit or plant that we are discussing.

The benefits of algae are no different. Think the bright blue of blueberries, the dark green of broccoli. The colors of algae give a clue to the antioxidant levels hidden within. Antioxidants help protect the skin from stress, fight free radicals, and keep us feeling young and hydrated rather than like a piece of dried beef jerky!

In skin care, algae extracts capture the essence of these wonderful properties, transforming algae from their traditional role as a food nutrient to a nutrient that nourishes the skin directly!


A Super-Nutrient in Skin Care

An added benefit of algae is that all types are rich in minerals, amino acids, and vitamins. The minerals in particular work to help protein synthesis and cell production, and provide much needed nutrients into the skin. All algae are moisturizing, too, and this moisture helps increase the appearance of firmness and hydration in the skin.

All of these wonderful reasons are why we include algae extract in our Awaken Revitalizing Eye Serum. When combined with the other moisturizing ingredients, peptides, and extracts, Awaken helps your eyes look alert, moisturized and refreshed. It helps combat the effects of sleepy-puffy morning eyes, and works at a deeper level to help reduce the appearance of lines and age around the eye area.

Algae for You and Me

In short, algae is a wonderful, sustainable, and ancient ingredient that has so much to offer our skin to make it look more beautiful and youthful…and we can all thank algae for helping with that!

Bye for now!

Kirsten, xx

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