Maskne Tips & Skin Care Solutions

Wearing a face mask when you’re outside of the comfort of your home these days has become a necessity. Whether you are wearing your own fabric masks or using medical-grade disposable masks, you may be experiencing maskne. Maskne, the irritated, dry, or acne-prone skin that appears underneath our face masks, can be very challenging.

How to manage mask acne, or “maskne”? We have some maskne tips to help you figure out how best to take care of your skin during this unprecedented time, either for handling mask irritation or simply giving your skin much-needed relief from the stress or uncertainty of the times.

What Is Maskne?

Maskne can look different on different people and will affect every skin type differently. Some might experience more intense breakouts in the areas being covered or disturbed by their mask. Others may detect the appearance of a rash or have breakouts occur on the chin line and around the mouth.

If you are already prone to skin issues or experience sensitive skin problems even sans mask-wearing, you’re unfortunately a good candidate for skin irritation that wearing a mask for extended periods can cause. Maskne can happen to anyone, but those with rosacea, sensitive skin, allergies, and eczema tend to have a more difficult time with these pesky maskne issues.

Caring for Your Mask & Your Skin

Mask Quality Makes a Difference:

Follow the CDC’s guidelines for best practices for the safest masks: tightly-woven fabric, double layers, a pocket for filtration if possible, and if you use disposable masks, do not re-use them. Of course, the higher-quality, safest masks will often not be that breathable for your skin. It is important that you determine which type of mask is best for your skin and your lifestyle. An important maskne tip is to be sure you aren’t allergic to any of the materials used in your mask if it is a fabric mask.

Clean Your Masks Regularly:

One obvious maskne tip for your skin’s health and your overall health is to always make sure your face masks are clean! An effective way to sanitize your face mask without ruining its structural integrity is to boil hot water and soak it for about five minutes, then air it out to dry. This gets rid of any bacterial growth. Make sure you have several face masks in rotation so you’re not put out when one is laying out to dry! At this point in time, you really can’t have enough face masks in your possession.

Go Easy on the Makeup:

Think of this as your maskne skin care go-to. An important maskne tip is to take it easy on the makeup. Your skin will appreciate the break! And since so many of us are staying home, why not focus on skin care instead? Instead, try a dash of mascara, all supported by a serum like the Awaken Eye Serum to brighten and nurture the skin around your eyes.

Get into Good Face Washing Habits:

Okay, this maskne tip is a given with or without mask mandates. Consistent skin care routines, particularly maskne skin care, with high-quality products will help improve your skin. Consider our gentle exfoliating Reveal Facial Wash 2-3 times a week as a way to gently rinse your skin clean of impurities from wearing your mask out and about.

Get Only Snug-Fitting Masks:

One of the greatest maskne tips to help you avoid chafing is to make sure you are only buying masks that fit your face, meaning that don’t cause gap and safely covers your nose and mouth without shifting. Not only is it aggravating to sport a mask that doesn’t fit properly, it might also result in avoidable maskne. The heat and moisture caused by breathing, talking, and sweating underneath a mask creates a perfect breeding ground for acne, clogged pores, and other irritation.

Give Yourself a Facial:

One maskne solution we could all benefit from is to treat yourself to a facial. Getting a facial doesn’t require physically going to the spa these days. There are plenty of at-home facials to give your skin needed rest, such as our Beautiful You Starter Set. Maskne will respond well to a little TLC. Let your face breathe and feel pampered.

Remember to follow these maskne tips for radiant and refreshed skin. Stay smart, safe, and healthy!

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Bye for now!

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