Mother’s Day Skin Care Gift Guide & Giveaway

Whether she brought you into this world, or just helped you through it, the mother figures in our life deserve to be honored. This week at Ayr Skin Care we’re talking about the legacy of our mothers, as well as our Mother’s Day skin care gift ideas, and an exciting social media giveaway, featuring our luxurious Mother’s Day beauty bars, body oil, and more. Read on!

Our Mother’s Day Tradition

In my own family my mother, Bunty Petersen, was the matriarch and a woman who worked night and day to make our family what it was.

After the birth of my first daughter (Ayr Skincare’s VP of Marketing and Operations, Fiona Briggs), I was ushered into the sacred Mother’s Day position. Every Mother’s Day for years, Bunty and I would keep to her time-honored tradition, which was not to lift a finger all day!

The two of us would find a seat in the sun, or sip cool drinks from a comfortable chair in the house, while the others in the family ran about in chaos trying to do the things like cleanup and cooking, which we did every day of our lives. It was funny and wonderful to watch. Then would come the “bearing of offerings” as we were presented with wonderful flowers and gifts, then dinner, and another Mother’s Day would end.

The Perfect Gifts for Mother’s Day? Skin Care!

Now that my mother has passed, I carry on her tradition by sitting on my backside while my children and husband run about on Mother’s Day. It’s a difficult job, but someone has to do it!

In my mind, the perfect Mother’s Day gift should say something. It should be something that the person wants, but doesn’t necessarily expect, and it should be something that reminds them that they are a beautiful woman.

There are many things like flowers that do this, but second in my mind is luxury skin care! Here are some Mother’s Day skin care ideas from all of us at Ayr Skin Care.

Make Her Feel Like a Queen

All mothers scrub at their face, remove makeup, and sometimes remember to slap on some night cream and fall into bed, but what about reminding her that she should take another minute or two for herself?

Ayr’s Awaken Eye Serum is the perfect Mother’s Day beauty idea! Help her skin forget what is like to slog about as a Mom, so that she can instead go to bed knowing that her skin has been fed with essential peptides, botanicals, and moisturizers that will care for her delicate under-eye skin while she sleeps.

In the morning, she can re-apply it after cleansing to help reduce the appearance of puffy and discolored skin around the eyes. One small but mighty container of Awaken will last her several months, since the amount used for two eyes is about the size of one or two grains of rice per application! This is the perfect Mother’s Day skin care gift to last a mom all through spring and well into the summer.

Soften and Replenish the Body

Many busy mothers forget to take time for themselves on a regular basis. In my own case, I actually had to “reserve” myself time on a weekend to put on a face mask, or exfoliate, or take a warm bath.

Tired of waiting for my body butter to melt into my skin so that I could get dressed, I invented Tranquility Dry Body Oil, which is rich in anti-aging oils that soften and replace moisture after bathing. It has the added benefit of being a “dry” oil mix, meaning that it will sink quickly into the skin so that you can get dressed. The aromatherapy of its essential oils will relax the mind, while the oils work their magic. This is a true Mother’s Day skin care treat!

A little goes a long way, and if you are feeling especially generous, (or can talk a family member into it) consider a Mother’s Day beauty bonus by adding on the Tranquility Hand Cream, scented with the same essential oils. This rich cream is the same: a little goes a long way! Use nightly, or whenever the hands are dry to bring a youthful radiance to the skin.

Join Our Mother’s Day Skin Care Gift Giveaway Contest!

Visit Ayr Skin Care on Instagram or Facebook to enter to win our Mother’s Day Skin Care Gift Giveaway Contest!

One lucky winner from each of these social media sites will win a Pure Moisture Nourishing Face Cream as well as our Travel Bar Duo. The travel bars are miniature sizes of the popular Calm Facial Bar and Dead Sea Body Bar, so she will have one for her face, and one for her body! Perfect for home use or travel. Enter to win!

To enter, simply find this photo on each of the social media pages, posted on 4/27. Instructions for how to enter on each page are listed there. Feel free to reach out if you have any questions! 

The contest ends on May 4th, 2018, so enter today! You need to be 18 to enter, and a USA resident.

Both contest winners will be contacted and their prizes sent in time for Mother’s Day.

Mother’s Day Beauty Inside and Out

We hope you try some of our Mother’s Day skin care gift ideas! Whatever way your family chooses to honor your Mother figures, we hope you will remember some of our stories and enjoy making your own family traditions. We honor all of the Mothers out there, including my Mother, who was born in the beautiful town of Ayr, in Scotland, and for whom I try every day to be a better person.

Happy Mother’s Day!

Bye for now!

Kirsten xx

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