Night Time Skin Care Routine: What Not to Go to Bed Without

There are many products you might use in your night time skin care routine, but there are three you should not go to bed without. We’ll look at our top picks, and also explore the reasons why your skin care routine before bed should be different than your day time skin care routine.

What makes a night time skin care routine different from a daytime one?

Daytime skin care routines are all about gentle cleansing, treating if necessary, and moisturizing. Routines vary according to skin type and the individual needs of the skin, and are then topped off by sunscreen. Night time, however, is all about restoration of the skin, especially if you’re looking for a hydrating night time skin care routine for dry skin.

In the evening, many people still have on the day’s makeup and sunscreen, along with environmental residue (grime from dirt and pollution) that need removed. Cleansing may need to be deeper, or contain makeup removal steps. After cleansing, additional steps may be added to treat individual skin care concerns, like acne, and then moisturizer can be added. The difference is, that instead of merely adding a generic moisturizer and sunscreen like your morning routine, a night time skin care routine may include a thicker, richer cream or at least a night cream with additional vitamins.

Some vitamins, like  vitamin C, are photo-sensitive, and therefore are not usually included in daytime treatments. Night time is another story. There are many benefits for all skin types to add vitamin C into a night time skin care routine.

Let’s look more in depth at this incredible vitamin, which needs to be a part of any anti-aging skin care night time routine.

Spotlight on Vitamin C

Restore Night Cream by Ayr Skin Care surrounded by beautiful violet and pink shades of color.

Our bodies love vitamin C, and it’s an essential nutrient for optimal health. It is one of the vitamins that cannot be

stored well in our bodies, so we need to take it daily through the foods that we eat, like citrus, berries, broccoli and cruciferous veggies. As noted above, vitamin C does not do well with sunlight or heat, so eating your vitamin C veggies and fruits raw is the best way to get that vitamin daily.

Vitamin C is the most famous vitamin for health and was once used to control disease like scurvy in sailors. It is probably the vitamin that your Mom would have recommended if you had a cold coming on, as it is a powerful antioxidant.

In our night time skin care routine, vitamin C helps the skin build collagen. Collagen, the fibrous protein in connective tissue, is woven throughout our body, affecting every organ. Our skin is the largest organ of our body. Vitamin C has been shown to brighten the skin and gradually fade the appearance of cumulative sun damage, and age spots, through cell turnover.

Restore Replenishing Night Cream includes the most stable form of vitamin C, along with peptides, fermented probiotics, a 72 hour pool of hydration, along with powerful extracts of mallow, calendula and orchid. We finish this beautiful cream with Fair Trade shea butter and organic oils, which cushion your skin while you sleep.

Your skin care routine before bed needs an eye treatment

Woman holding eye serum next to her face

A frequently forgotten area of the face is the delicate area under your eyes. The eyes show age by developing fine lines and wrinkles, along with brown spots (sun spots). This is why it is super important to begin a skin care routine early that involves under eye serum, as well as establishing a habit of wearing sunglasses and sunscreen daily.

A good eye cream may work for some people, but most people have issues with a cream that is too rich, which may cause milia, or small white bumps to develop under the eyes. The skin around the eyes is very thin and oily, and has a “creep zone”, so keeping eye serum about a half an inch from the eyes is always best.

At night, where we may toss and turn, having a serum that is not oily, but absorbs quickly and moisturizes is key. You get all the benefits of a cream, without the oily residue on your pillow or in your eyes.

For your nighttime skin care routine, Awaken Eye Serum is an incredibly light emulsion. It absorbs quickly, and penetrates the skin with a cocktail of anti-aging ingredients. Awaken is powered by sea algae and eight other humectants for moisture, with green tea, coffee and pomegranate for puffiness and peptides for lifting and plumping. Our serum also works to reduce the appearance of fine lines. This serum has it all! All you need is a tiny drop twice a day, the size of a grain of rice, to keep the skin moisturized.

The most often part of a skin care routine before bed is…

Although most of the emphasis on anti-aging night time products is on the face, your hands are actually the very first place that most people see sun damage, dryness, and lines. How often do you apply cream to your hands? Is it a thin lotion, that is mostly water, or one filled with silicone? The problem with silicone hand cream is that you are feeling a softness that is surface only.

Tranquility Hand Cream for night time skin care routine for your hands

A powerful, rich night hand treatment like Tranquility Hand Cream is fortified with vitamins, moisture, and organic mulberry root extract, which gradually reduces the appearance of age spots and sun damage with regular use.

Tranquility also supports women around the world through Fair Trade initiatives, allowing children to go to school, and village life to be enriched. We use Fair Trade shea butter, cocoa butter and mango butter, along with organic oils.

It’s time to recharge your night time skin care routine with a natural one that breathes life into your skin. If you live in a hot climate or are younger than 40, chances are you are not quite ready for a night cream, but you can find a vitamin C serum, and top it off with a beautiful oil serum instead, for the best benefits to your younger skin.

Bye for now!

Kirsten, xx

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