Reflecting Your Inner Beauty—It’s Our Mission

At Ayr Skin Care we have a unique tag line – Healthy Skin, Beautiful You.

It wasn’t an easy exercise to come up with this snapshot of who we are. I had trouble wrapping my head around the idea of pinpointing the right combination of words to convey the wealth of benefits, promise, and potential of our terrific formulations.

How do we tell our entire story in a few words?

But, tag lines are a must in marketing—marketing 101 as it were. Ultimately, they convey who the company is or what they want to represent to you or your life.

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Here’s just a few we know send a potent message, evokes an emotion, or feeds a desire: *

Just Do It

Be All You Can Be

Because I’m Worth It

The Ultimate Driving Machine

And the “tag line of the century” coined the early 1900s - A Diamond is Forever.

A few words— a whole world of meaning.

I remember the days we spent trying to come up with a new spin on a tag line to convey the compelling message of who we are and what we want for all of you.

I won’t kid you –it was hard. After many tries—and a lot of deep reflection— we came up with one we love. It says so much about us. But, it says even more about you – our customer.

Ultimately, we crafted the simple message that we believe healthy, radiant skin is a window reflecting your inner beauty. Healthy Skin. Beautiful You.

This message is one we hope you embrace. That’s why we spend time with you to promote more than a product line - such as reflected in our articles on—


the power of gratitude,

loving yourself,

enjoying the outdoors,

taking care of your overall health and well-being.

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As we grow wiser (which is a nice way to say “older”), it’s good to find those who speak directly to us telling us we are not alone. That’s why we believe it’s our mission to send empowering and uplifting messages that speak to the concerns we all face--with honesty and actionable solutions.

It’s good to remember that all of us are more than the sum of our parts—great skin care is but one area that fuels a positive sense of who we are and our important place in the world.

Take a moment to see beauty around you in everyday life – but don’t forget to see the beauty that shines in your eyes, your attitude, and your heart.

Coco Chanel said it best:

“Beauty begins the moment you decide to be yourself.”

Bye for now!

Kirsten, xx

*P.S. Oh, and in case you’re curious – the example tag lines are for Nike, the US Army, L’Oréal, BMW, and DeBeers.

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