Sail Through the Holidays—Stress Free and Fabulous

The holidays are a wonderful time of magic and wonder. A time we look forward to with anticipation every year.

But it’s also a time when we add so much to our plates from company parties to engaging in traditional festivities to preparing for visitors and making traditional fare. The magic often comes with just a bit more stress.

While we can’t help you book flights, hang decorations, get ready for the in-laws, we can help you and your skin prepare for the seasonal fun. We’ll help you stay looking fabulous so your skin looks clear, stress-free and radiant. You’ll be “holiday ready” and looking your very best.

Radiant Skin – All Through the Season

We all feel it. That rush of anticipation that comes when the turkey leftovers are wrapped up all the way to the end of the year. It’s a sprint to get everything done – gifts, décor, cookies, school performances, cookie exchanges….need I go on?

From Thanksgiving through New Year, the holidays can create the perfect storm for stressful living that shows up on our face. This is because with stress our immune system does not function optimally and we can end up having more than our share of bad skin days. Add to that some over-indulgence with our favorite foods and libations and you have a recipe for blotchy, irritated skin.

So, let’s get ready for some stress free ideas to look refreshed and fabulous.

Step 1

Keep with your regular routine

Ok, we get it. It’s the holidays and there is so much to do. But, to keep stress at bay, it is best to try to stick to what you usually do. This means eating and sleeping at your normal times. For example, take supplements or medications at the same time (they work best on a schedule). Walk your dog at the same time. Don’t skip your workout class or exercise regimen. The closer you stick to things your body sees as “normal” the easier your stress level will be.

Step 2

Never go to sleep with makeup on - no matter what!

This should go without saying (but, we all have done it). Take your makeup off at the end of the evening. No matter how tired you are, this is an absolute must to keep your skin happy any time of the year – but is essential during the stress of the holiday season. Remove makeup, cleanse gently, and make sure to use a night cream with vitamin C before you sleep. And a good one to add—of course-- is our Restore Replenishing Night Cream.

Step 3

Practice self-care

You add so much to your routine for others. So, we recommend setting up a time once a week to de-stress. You can meditate with your favorite relaxing music. Go for a spa treatment like a mani-pedi. Or stay home and treat your skin to some gentle exfoliation followed by a face mask. This simple practice can be done year round. You deserve that 15 minutes or’s not much time at all! Do it for yourself.

Step 4

Get some “quality sleep”

So much of our overall health depends on getting an average of 8 hours of quality sleep a night. Cultivate a sleep routine by adding a cup of herbal tea, or setting a curfew for your electronic devices – give your phone a rest as well. And, of course set the mood for sleep with a darkened room and a quiet atmosphere.

Step 5

Watch what you eat (and drink)

Your mother was right. More and more studies show that foods, like fruits and vegetables are full of antioxidants and fiber, help us stay healthier. But, it’s the holidays so we encounter the wonderful and traditional once-a-year fare that tempts us to indulge. Just know that there may be a price and plan indulgences wisely. Limit alcohol by drinking more water than alcohol. Stay away from foods you know disrupt your system, such as dairy or sugar laden treats.

Just remember to enjoy—with moderation. Your healthy, glowing skin will be your reward.

Step 6

Don’t forget your vitamins

While we recommend you try to get most of your nutrients from the food you eat, most of us don’t get all we need. If you feel you are needing extra vitamins, take them regularly. Just like we stated in Step 1 – keep to your routine and take your supplements at the same time of day. You’ll be ready to meet holiday stress head-on.

Maybe This is Good Time To Shake Up Some Traditions?

While we certainly don’t want to add to your holiday chores. To help yourself (and maybe some of your friends and family) why not take a “holiday break” and indulge in new things like a girl’s night out that focuses on Step 3?

Or, get out into your neighborhood. We have wonderful ideas in our blog on Get Back to Nature or The best holiday gift The Gift of Time. Just get out, get moving and de-stress.

But there is so much more to do to “do good.” Doing for others has rewards beyond the deed and can help with a sense of well-being. Participate in a charity. Go caroling at a hospital. Go to the firehouse with a gift for a needy child. Add to the larder of a food pantry. Participate in a 5K or marathon or simply get your family out for a neighborhood walk right after your big holiday meal.

Whatever you do, make things easier on yourself. If you keep stress at bay it goes more than skin deep.

The most important thing to remember is that holidays are a time to share love and reflect with gratitude for what we have. Follow these 6 tips and you’ll glide through the holidays 



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