Seasonal Change and its Impacts on the Skin: The Ultimate Fall Skin Care Guide

Wouldn’t you just love it if Summer could last forever? There’s something about sunshine and warm days that lifts our spirits and makes us feel more relaxed — whether we spend the sunny season at home or away.

However, once the long, balmy nights turn to cool evenings and the leaves begin to change their color, we know that Fall is coming — and we remember that Autumn brings beautiful things of its own.

This change in seasons brings with it important changes in our skin, and in our skin care routines. So we’ve dedicated today’s blog to Fall skin care!

The Autumn Equinox

As the sun heads south for the year, it crosses over the celestial equator, marking the Autumn Equinox. “Equinox” means “equal night,” because it’s the day when the sunlight hours and the nighttime ones are in balance. The Autumn Equinox is the official first day of Fall.

This year the equinox falls on September 22, and it’s a great day for lighting candles and thinking of tasty garden-harvest soups and pies. It’s also a great day to get your Fall skin care routine ready for action as we head toward the cold season.

Cold Air Is Dry Air

Did you know that cold air is inherently drier than warm air? It just can’t hold as much moisture. That’s why your skin can still be dry and chapped even on a wet Winter day when the humidity is very high.

And we’re not talking a small difference. Air that’s 80 degrees can hold five times as much water as air that’s 40 degrees.

Indoors, it’s not that cold (hopefully!), but that’s because we’re running our heaters, and heaters don’t add moisture to the air. So the indoor humidity drops accordingly, and your skin is no better off than if you were outside. This is one of the basic facts of Fall skin care: Your skin will be drying out.

Your Skin Is a Finely-Tuned Organ

As the largest external organ in the body, our skin feels this seasonal change in humidity more than any other organ. Many people even find that their skin type changes with the seasons. You could have oily skin during the Summer humidity (even in dry climate zones) and find that your type changes to “normal” in Fall and Winter. And those with normal or combination skin in Summer could find themselves with dry and flaky skin in the Fall and Wintertime.

Fortunately, paying attention to the changes in your skin, and giving it the love it needs, is what skin care is all about. And at Ayr Skin Care, our gentle, non-irritating products are perfect for Autumn skin that gets cranky about the dry air.

Creating the Perfect Fall Skin Care Routine

Just as nature adapts and adjusts to seasonal changes, so must our skin care routine. This can sometimes mean changing the products we use, but more often it entails using the same products differently. Let’s have a look at the main components of a healthy daily skin care regimen and how you can adapt each for the Fall season:


In Summer, frequent cleansing is essential for keeping enlarged pores clear of sweat and grime and for dealing with elevated humidity levels. In Fall, a lower level of humidity coupled with shrinking pore sizes means that the cleansing step of your Fall skin care routine needs to become gentler and less frequent. A splash of fresh water on your face in the morning, and a gentle facial massage with our moisturizing Calm Facial Bar in the evenings, can be just right to get you through the day once the season turns to Fall.


Similar to the cleansing step, toning in Autumn also takes a step back. Use a light, gentle toner, or take advantage of the Calm Facial Bar’s toning properties and complete two steps in one!


With much more dryness in the air, you’ll need a Fall skin care routine that features more frequent moisturizing to supplement your skin’s natural oils. After showering, give your body a naturally fragrant, non-greasy moisture barrier by rubbing some anti-aging Tranquility Dry Body Oil into your legs, arms, torso, and neck. Use a circular motion for thorough coverage with minimal rubbing.

For your face and hands, we recommend applying our Pure Moisture Nourishing Face Cream at least twice a day (more often if needed) and carrying our Tranquility Moisturizing Hand Cream with you in your handbag for all-day moisture. You can even apply our rich, creamy moisturizers to your feet! These beautiful, rich creams feature a potent blend of nourishing plant oils and butters, with Vitamin E for deep hydration.


Now that Summer has opened your pores wider with the heat and humidity, late Summer and early Fall are the perfect time for some gentle exfoliation. Go for facial exfoliators with natural, hydrating ingredients that will remove impurities while keeping your natural oils intact.

In Fall skin care, following a routine for exfoliation becomes important so you can keep your skin clear without causing damage. For example, rather than exfoliating every other day, once or twice a week could be a good rhythm for your skin in the Fall. Mix in some hydrating plant oil-based face masks to your weekly or monthly schedule, and you’re all set!

Keeping up Healthy Habits

In addition to your Fall skin care regimen, keeping up with other healthy habits will go a long way towards having healthy skin into the cooler seasons:

Don’t Forget the Sunscreen!

With Fall’s unpredictable temperatures and harsher winds, it’s a good idea to apply a non-toxic, mineral-based sunscreen to your face (and other exposed areas of skin) every day before heading out to avoid a late-season sunburn and premature aging.

Feeding Your Skin in the Fall

With cooler nights setting in, it can be tempting to turn to comfort foods (“Hello, hot cocoa!”), but many of these inflame the skin and increase the frequency of breakouts. For optimal Fall skin care, enjoy these special treats in moderation, and turn instead to eating lots of yummy vegetables—and don’t skimp on the peels! Thankfully, Autumn is harvest season, and the grocery stores and co-ops (as well as your garden, if you have one) will be featuring all kinds of fresh, local produce.

You could even make a healthy hot cocoa that’s high in anti-aging antioxidants by using a pure, organic cocoa powder (instead of a pre-mixed drinking blend) and sweetening with as little sweetener as you can get away with. You can also skip the dairy if you want and use a good quality almond, rice, or coconut milk base. Feeding your skin doesn’t have to mean missing out on great chocolate!

Get Ready for Fall with Ayr Skin Care’s Nourishing Natural Creams and Oils

Are you running out of body oils and moisturizers? Now is the time to shop for your Fall skin care supplies so that you can keep your skin silky smooth with the change in seasons. Contact us for more information and shop our gentle soaps, body oils, and moisturizers today!

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