How to Enjoy a Great Self-Image in a “Selfie” World

We got through the awkward teens, glided through our careers in a new era of self-empowerment, and grew to find wisdom only experience provides. And we continue to grow with a fearless attitude toward life.

We’ve come of age.

Then along came the era of the selfie, the video conference call, and Facetime.

It seems everywhere we look, we see a youth culture gone wild. It really was no different for our parents. But today it’s amped up. Not long ago, magazines splashed the images of beautiful models, girls who were barely old enough to have their driver’s license.

Today the bombardment of youth culture has invaded everywhere. Hair salons offer what used to only be available in the dermatologist office. Tupperware parties have given way to Botox parties. And, it feels that once a woman crosses the age of 30 they are encouraged to get “some work done” in order to compete with the youth culture.

But, there are many of us who don’t subscribe to this.

We’ve earned our wisdom. We’ve earned our laugh lines. We’ve earned our self-respect.

And, with these opposing cultures in mind, we’re here to shine a light on the beauty of today’s modern and mature woman, as reflected in our products, our blogs, and our website. Read on to learn more about how Ayr Skin Care empowers and salutes mature women.

The Selfie Society Has Us All Looking At the Superficial

Information is a 24/7 business today. Which means we have no relief from the intrusive and hammer-hitting youth adoration and obsession. And many women are conned into believing their self- image and self-esteem are dependent on competing with teen age models and beauty obsessed gurus.

I remember when the only glimpse I had of this overriding obsession was in the supermarket line gazing at the obviously airbrushed models on magazine covers. But social media has intruded with an all day, all places reach and the shallow “like” button.

We know a “like” or “share” rewards the best images and the best representations of our lives. But, it’s all about as fake as an airbrushed magazine cover of a bulimic teenager. Here’s a case in point:

My daughter recently did an online search for images of women at a spa. She said she found “hundreds and hundreds of teens lounging by pools with face masks on, looking gorgeous and relaxed.” Then, she did a search for women at a spa and put in the age “40”. Instantly, all of the images of relaxing women were replaced by medical spa images, Botox ads, and close ups of deep wrinkles!

It's easy to see why some women have a self-image challenge as they age. They want to be accepted for who they are inside and not compete with the false images of what is deemed “beautiful” in our society.

Self-Esteem Is a Life-long Pursuit – How Ayr Skin Care Can Help

Coming of age also comes with change. After all, just like our fashion choices evolve, the skin care products we used when we were in our 30’s probably are not “in style” for our skin any longer.

That’s one reason for now adding specifically formulated products to your mature skin care routine. They are blended to address the real challenges women face as they age. We experience menopause which changes our skin from oily or combination, to dry and sensitive. Many of us deal with new allergies, medications, or environmental factors that can wreak havoc on our skin, creating dry patches and discoloration.

But, the good news is –it’s never been a better time for your mature skin to shine.

At Ayr Skin Care, we know what keeps us feeling good and looking good – without the need for fillers or surgery. We’ve discovered and formulated our products with ingredients that have long been prized for their anti-aging qualities. We’ve brought the entire world to our blends—a world of natural beauty perfected over hundreds of years.

Our line of products, used individually as part of your overall skin care, or as a complete “team” of skin hydrating luxury are a great way to level the playing field to soften and hydrate mature skin that ages beautifully.

Why Your Most Beautiful Years Are Now

For about a decade now I’ve been growing increasingly frustrated at the way society portrays women – older women in particular.

When I look at myself, I see a woman who has experience—and a lot of great stories. I see the scar on my chin from when I had a child-hood bicycle accident. I see the 30 year scar on my neck from a long ago operation. I also see the laugh lines (and a little sagging) along with well-earned wisdom in my expression. It took a lot of time, but I can finally look at those things and see them as part of my unique, irreplaceable journey to become who I am today. And who I am today is beautiful.

Why is that?

As I head towards my 60th year, I realize I am much more comfortable with who I am. I am more confident. I don’t care as much about what people think or say, and I am more grateful for what I have around me. I am more patient with folly and less likely to judge harshly. I am taking better care of myself, in diet and mental health, and I have a real understanding of how precious life is, and how happy I am to be living.

photo: @amagicalmess

Make Self-Esteem Your Life-long Resolution – For Yourself and Others

As women, we can choose to lift up each other instead of judging or worse, tearing down.

To do this we can share uplifting messages (like this blog). We can also share our wisdom. And, remember to share those things you’ve discovered that make you feel positive and uplifted (we hope Ayr Skin Care is one of them). The more we try to help each other and offer positive ideas and images for others in our age group, the more we lift all of us up. It’s one way to combat the superficiality all around us.

The great thing is that life is always changing. We can choose to make change positive. If you are a mature woman struggling with self-esteem—it is a real challenge. We invite you to remember the experiences you have gone through and take a look at what you have discovered about yourself, life, and what is important.

Self-esteem is in your hands and no other. We invite you to embrace the good you do, the things you are grateful for, and the people you love.

Multi-Dimensional Self-Esteem is the New Normal

So self-esteem doesn’t have to be what our one-dimensional beauty culture demands.

Instead, understanding the important things about yourself is what makes you feel wonderful. Knowing who you are, and feeling good about it, makes you shine from within - and that glow, is a beautiful thing.

When you see a confident woman, you are intrigued, and drawn in. You don’t really notice that wrinkle or two – you know it’s a badge of honor, a signal of her experience...and that is beautiful too.

Remember, you are beautiful, you are wise, and you are a person of value. All of those qualities continue to only strengthen as you age.

And, as an inspiration, I invite you to take a good look all around our website. It’s a study of the empowered mature woman. We are excited that all women depicted are over the age of 50 (most are over 55). They are vibrant, alive, and absolutely beautiful—inside and out! They take care of their skin and they are glowing with healthy vitality.

They are there to inspire all of us as they proudly wear their wisdom –and their wrinkles!

Go out and find all the beauty around you—and I encourage you to first start with your mirror—take a good look and embrace your wisdom and potential – your heathy skin and beautiful you.

Happy New Year!

Kirsten, xx 

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