Skin Care in Spring: Updating Your Winter Routine for Sensitive Skin

March 19th is the official first day of Spring. This is the time of renewal—of shedding off the dry conditions that may have bothered your sensitive skin all winter. What can you do with your skin care in spring to have happy skin? We have five spring skin care tips to keep your skin glowing all season!

Do you have sensitive skin?

1. Does your skin become blotchy after using certain skin care products? 

2. Do you have redness after using products with alcohol or synthetic fragrance? 

3. Do you suffer from a sensitive digestive tract or many food allergies? 

4. Are you ever itchy from soaps, clothing detergents or cleaning products?

If you said “yes” to any of these, you may have sensitive skin.

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Reminder: Why Skin Gets Overly Sensitive in the Winter Months

Even “normal” skin may become more sensitive when winter weather is here. Sudden changes in temperature from indoor heating and cold weather outside, along with a drop in humidity, can wreak havoc on our skin.

When we are cold, we turn to hot beverages—drinking more caffeinated beverages like coffee and tea—in an effort to stay warm. A little caffeine is fine, but too much actually dehydrates the skin. Dehydrated skin is more sensitive and itchy. Opt for  herbal tea instead.

Your skin will likely still be recovering after Winter is over, so you will want to update your skin care in spring. The best solution to dry skin conditions is to religiously use a good moisturizer. Avoid those with alcohol or synthetic fragrances.  Pure Moisture Nourishing Face Cream not only eliminates these two drying ingredients, but also includes 8 powerful humectants, drawing water to the skin cells with a 72 hour moisture well.

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5 Skin Care Tips for Mature and Sensitive Skin in Spring

Ready to update your skin care routine this spring? Here are easy spring skin care tips to take care of sensitive skin this season:

1. Everyone should be using a daily moisturizer, but this is even more important when you are deciding how to take care of your mature or sensitive skin. Why do we moisturize? A good moisturizer should do two things: It should hydrate the skin, and possibly feed it with some vitamins and healthy ingredients, and it should protect the outer layer of the skin from the environment.

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If you are over 40, it may be time to add a night cream to your skin care routine in Spring. Night creams do a similar job as day creams, but they can also contain extra age-fighting ingredients like peptides, and vitamin C, like Ayr Skin Care’s  Restore Replenishing Night Cream. Make sure that your cream contains healthy ingredients, and apply it right before bed, after cleansing the face.

Update your skin care in spring with Ayr Virgin Marula Oil

2. Being too tired is no excuse to skip washing your face at night. Over the course of the day, we accumulate a lot of dirt, germs and pollution on the surface of our skin that requires a cleanser at night. Follow the cleanser with a few drops of  marula oil or moisturizer when you are done. If you have really mature, dry skin, two drops of marula oil on top of your moisturizer, may be just the extra soft layer of protection that your skin needs.

3. Tis the season to exfoliate! During winter months, it is good to be cautious, but your skin care in Spring may require you to start exfoliation once a week. One of the best ways to get your money’s worth from your other beauty products, is to be sure you remove your dead skin cells; otherwise, your expensive creams and serums simply sit on the top of the dead cells. Gently exfoliate as your skin can tolerate it, and avoid any scrubs that contain large grains that may scratch the skin, like sugar, salt, or cracked nuts.

4. It’s sunscreen time! The best preventative for aging skin damage is to remember the sunscreen. Apply it on top of your moisturizer. If you will be out for extended periods of time, re-apply often and wear a hat.

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5. Spring cleaning time goes for your cosmetics, too! You don’t want to waste your new skin care practices in Spring by using old and expired cosmetics. Get into your makeup drawer and toss any expired products. Expiration dates should be on your products, but if they are not, toss traditional mascara after 6 months. Remember, although natural mascara is better for your eyes, it may only have a 3-month shelf life if it is preserved with glyceryl undecylenate or Leuconostoc/Radish Root Ferment Filtrate. When in doubt, toss it out.

Stress and Sensitive skin

One final thought: more science is showing a direct connection between stress and health. If you carry stress within your body and do not release it with laughter, exercise, joy or relaxation/meditation, it can build up and wear down our adrenal glands—home of the “fight or flight” response to stress. Stress wears down the immune system, may lead to disease, and it can show up on our skin as breakouts and irritation.

Be kind, re-evaluate your life this Spring and see if you can find time to bring more joy into your life. Use these tips to update your skin care in spring. It’s time to relax and enjoy! Your body, and especially your skin, will thank you for it!

Bye for now!
Kirsten, xx

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