Skin Care Routine For Your 40s

Embracing Skin Changes And Hormonal Shifts

We are beginning a series where we will be exploring how your skin changes throughout each decade of your life. Today, we look at skin care routines for your 40s and how to better nourish your skin as it matures.

When in our 30s, we are busy with our chosen occupations, whether it’s family, climbing the ladder of your career, or mastering the art of balancing both. Little time is left for skin care or self care when we’re so busy serving others. But your 40s herald one word… change.

You may have a bit more time in your schedule to take care of your skin now, but you also may find that the skin of your 20s and 30s is not the skin that you are now seeing in the mirror. You know you cannot just fall into bed without removing your makeup. You may be seeing some wrinkles that were not there before, which may be causing you some concern. Perhaps sun damage is appearing, your skin feels more sensitive, or your skin appears more dry.

Let’s look at why and how these changes happen.

Our Skin at 40

Acne, Allergies, and Hormones

I remember my dermatologist trying to reassure me when I had horrible cystic acne and oily skin in my 20s that I would be so grateful for oily skin when I was older. Imagine my surprise when at 40, I was still covered in acne! No, I didn’t have the dry facial lines like some of my friends were developing, which may be what my doctor had been referring to, but I still had acne!

Skin care routines (or lack thereof) at 40 can be different for each person. In my case, I realized that my health and my diet were connected. Overnight, I became obsessed with drinking water and eating more vegetables and fruits. If you still have acne by 40, even at “that time of the month,” you are probably experiencing dietary allergies or hormonal changes.

Skin can be impacted by what we eat, drink, smoke, and by what we put onto our skin. If you look at your diet and feel that you are very healthy yet still have breakouts, you may want to consider doing an elimination diet to find out if you have a trigger in your food or skin care products (or even detergents) that may be causing the breakouts.

For me, treating my acne involved going to a holistic doctor, getting off processed foods, eliminating gluten and dairy, and really cleaning out the makeup that I was using.

Skin Changes

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When you approach your mid-40s, you’re entering a perimenopausal time and a time of change that we hope you’ll embrace, rather than feel anxious about. The body’s production of collagen and elastin (two building blocks of protein that make skin youthful) begins to slow down. The emphasis of your skin care regimen should include using products that not only moisturize, but also help replenish your skin.

Your skin type may change from combination or “T-zone” oily to fully dry as you approach 45 or later. Don’t wait until these changes are complete to reevaluate your routine. Your early 40s is the perfect time to prioritize taking care of your skin. You can still establish a helpful skin care routine if you’re over 40!

Peptides are your new friends! You may have never really paid attention to peptides in your skin care routines before your 40s, but start to look for them now. These amino acids are your best options for diminishing the formation and appearance of fine lines and different types do different things. Our  Pure Moisture face cream has peptides that firm and lift the skin, others that target fine lines, and some that work on boosting the overall health of the skin. It also includes a rich layer of antioxidant protection and a 72-hour moisture well that keeps skin hydrated and moisturized.

Sun Damage

Remember those carefree days of slathering body oil on your skin while lying on the beach? The sun damage you may have ignored in your earlier years is now front and center. Ignored, this is the sort of damage that causes age spots and deep wrinkles. If you are venturing outside, you need sunscreen and a hat.

It’s essential to invest in a high-quality, natural sunscreen that can help protect your skin from the environment. Even the best antioxidants in your  facial care cannot undo damage by the sun. Hands down, sunscreen is the easiest way to keep your skin younger for longer. If you’ve always bought sunscreen for your body in bulk, your face requires a sunscreen that is higher quality. There are many good natural brands out there now.

There are two types of sunscreen:

  • The traditional ones which involve chemical protection to the skin. These are put on before your skin care products and are not “natural.” There are pros and cons to these types of sunscreen.
  • Our favorites are the natural sunscreens, which are applied over the top of your skincare. They go on after your cleanser, eye serum, facial serum, or oil, moisturizer, and foundation (if you wear any).

Attention to Your Eyes

Awaken Eye Serum for mature skin care routine over 40

If you have not yet started using an eye cream, this product absolutely needs to be added into your skin care routine in your 40s. Our hands and our eyes are the two areas where sun damage shows up first. Using eye cream or eye serum twice a day can help hold off the wrinkles and dry skin around these areas for longer.

Awaken Eye Serum is the answer to your eye health and beauty. The amount of serum used is about the size of a grain of rice, and that is split between the two eyes. This means a little goes a long way, as it is highly concentrated. Apply serum about half inch under the eye, then radiate out to the outer side of the eye. Do not apply eye serum to your eyelids. The skin around the eye area is the thinnest and oiliest of our skin zones, and products can creep into the eye area if you are not careful.

A product like Awaken does two things:

  • It moisturizes and helps build the health of your skin so that it can stay as young looking for as long as possible.
  • Deep hydration, combined with collagen builders target aging, while a cocktail of peptides help lift, strengthen, and firm the skin, while diminishing the appearance of fine lines.

Your Daily Routine in a Nutshell

Someone holding Ayr Skin Care's Fair Trade Marula Oil as part of a skin care routine after 40


  • Cleanse with a gentle cleanser like our Calm Facial Bar
  • Spray toner if you like
  • Apply a water-based serum with hyaluronic acid, or your Marula Oil
  • Apply eye serum
  • Apply moisturizer like Pure Moisture
  • Apply natural sunscreen


  • Remove makeup gently and wash face
  • Apply serum to face
  • Apply eye serum
  • Apply Pure Moisture or Marula Oil

Weekends: Apply a clay mask or mix clay powder with Reveal and leave on for 10 minutes. Finish with either a hydrating mask or two drops of marula oil for a weekend facial.

Weekly: Use Reveal Exfoliating Facial Foam with AHA fruit acids twice a week to complete your new skin care routine.

We hope this helped you in creating a skin care routine for your 40s! If you need more guidance, we are available by email at for any personalized questions or advice on your exact skin. We are happy to help!

Bye for now!

Kirsten, xx

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