Skin Care Routines in Your 20s

Your 20s is all about “growing up”. This is the time when most young adults begin thinking of themselves as, well, adults. Some call it “adulting”.  This decade generally marks a huge time of transition, either with the completion of college, the start of a new career, building new networks of friends, juggling multiple gigs, and/or starting to raise a family. Or, all of the above!  It’s the “work hard, play hard” decade with a lot of late nights, socializing, and working hard to lay the groundwork for (hopeful) success later on.  It is the decade where we seem to have unlimited energy and drive. In our 20s, it’s easy to forgo skin care routines during the hustle and bustle of our busy and exciting lives.

Although skin care is not at the forefront of most people’s minds, the single largest mistake we can make in our 20s is not taking preventative skin care seriously. When we ignore cleansing our faces, not wearing sunscreen, or being gentle with our skin, we may not see the damage immediately. Our skin in our 30s, however, will tell a different story.

Sun damage is cumulative, which means that each day you are outside without sunscreen and a hat on, means more exposure to UVA and UVB rays and pollution. Adopting a skin care routine in your 20s for your skin, including sunscreen, cleanser, moisturizer, exfoliant and antioxidants, will pay off big time by the time you get into your next decade.  Here are the tips you need to protect your healthy skin, and keep it looking young for as long as you can.

Cleansing & Non-Stripping Products

Calm Travel Bar for cleansing skin care routine in your 20s Morning and night, your skin needs cleansed, but one of the biggest mistakes that people make is overly scrubbing at the face. Your skin needs cleansed, but it can be done so gently. Even if you did not have bad acne in your teens, acne can become an issue as hormones change in your 20s, potentially affecting how you approach skin care in your late 20s.
The Calm Facial Bar by Ayr Skin Care was developed to help gently wash and calm the skin without stripping the natural oils. It is antibacterial and anti-inflammatory, so it is perfect for all skin types, including acne prone skin. It also contains an essential oil blend including tea tree, rosemary and lemongrass along with charcoal—all known for their cleansing properties.

Remember though, even if you use antibacterial products, and wash regularly, hormonal acne and food allergies can still cause breakouts. Consider purchasing a natural spot treatment “stick” to keep handy (for that time of the month) when you may have extra spots, and need to treat them. Using salicylic acid or benzoyl peroxide all over your face can be overly-drying and too abrasive on sensitive or reddened skin. Instead, look for spot-treatment sticks by natural brands that use ingredients like witch hazel that can help keep isolated areas treated. Avoid such products if they contain any alcohol or alcohol derivatives.

At the end of the day, if you are wearing eye makeup, you may need to use a makeup remover prior to washing your face. Avoid stretching or rubbing your eye area vigorously. Instead, use soft cotton pads and wipe gently, using a Q-tip if necessary to get clean along the lash line. Follow with your cleanser.

Exfoliation is Only 2-3x a week

While some of you will still roll into bed without removing your makeup, the opposite end of the spectrum is almost as bad: overwashing. Today, there are more and more cleansers and creams that include retinols, salicylic acid and glycols, but in your 20s skin care routine, you do not need those.

Reveal Exfoliating Foam for exfoliating 2-3x a week in 20s skin cafe routine. Instead, to keep your skin clean and glowing with health, opt for all natural products that help you gently remove dead skin cells. This can be done with Reveal Exfoliating Facial Foam with alpha hydroxy fruit acids. Reveal is fun! It’s a fruity smelling foam. Two to three squirts of foamy cleanser is pumped into the hands, and then massaged into the skin.  After two minutes, wash off and pat dry, and your pores are clean. Skin is left feeling moisturized, without stripping away the natural oils. Avoid harsh exfoliating products that tout the benefits of daily use. It’s just not necessary, particularly as part of your skin care routine for your 20s. Exfoliation is a natural process, and dead skin cells only need to be removed 2-3 times a week.

Clay Masks

A favorite mask for people in their 20s is a clay mask. Almost any type of clay will do, but many clay masks on the market are not really “natural”, but filled with synthetic colors and perfumes, and can cause irritation.

Instead, save yourself some money by buying a one pound bag of clay, like French clay, which can be found in red, green, brown and white. If your skin is on the dry side, Kaolin clay is a good one to choose, and is also found in many different natural colors. Take a small bowl, add a teaspoon or two of clay to the bowl, and mix with either a teaspoon or water, or yogurt (we like coconut yogurt), or even avocado. Mix and apply to your face, doing a test patch the first time you use it. Leave on for 5-10 minutes and voila!  Your skin will thank you. A face mask should be done once a week.

Do you need anti-aging products?

Some people in their 20s are already concerned with anti-aging products. They may see the sun damage, age spots or wrinkles on elderly relatives and worry if they will look the same as they age. This is hands down the time to ensure that you are always wearing sunscreen and a hat. Sunscreen is actually the best anti-aging product you can use, especially in your 20s. 

If you have not been wearing sunscreen, and have been hanging out on the beach, or at a pool through the last decade, you have already accumulated enough intense sun exposure to have freckles and skin damage—some of which you will not be able to see yet.

You may begin to see discoloration under the eye area, or dark spots.  If so, then the first anti-aging product you should reach for is Awaken Eye Serum.  We all know that older people wear under eye creams, but often a cream is too rich for younger skin. 

Awaken Eye Serum was actually formulated for people who cannot use rich eye creams near their eyes without getting millia or tiny white bumps under the skin. The Awaken Eye Serum is a light cream-like serum, and not oily. It contains active ingredients like caffeine, green tea extract and pomegranate to combat puffiness and stimulate circulation. It contains powerful peptides, which may reduce the appearance of fine lines and keep skin looking more smooth and lifted, and also stimulate the production of your skin’s natural collagen and elastin—two important components to keeping skin looking younger, longer. 

If you suffer from dark circles or dry patches under the eye area, this is the serum for you. A little goes a long way and packs a punch. All you need is a drop of serum the size of a grain of rice! That tiny amount is split between two eyes, and used under the eye and off to the side and never on your eyelids. Used twice a day, you will see results quickly, and it will help you develop a daily skin care routine for your 20s that works.

Finding the Right Moisturizer

Calm Travel Bar for cleansing skin care routine in your 20s All skin needs to be kept hydrated and moisturized, but in your early 20s, you may have to try several different products until you find the one that works for you. They need to keep your skin plump and hydrated, but not too oily. Ayr Skin Care suggests Pure Moisture for those that live in dry, cold conditions, or it may be used only in winter.  In the winter time we need extra protection from the environment, and this is the perfect cream for that. In the spring and summer, you may be best using a lighter cream, closer to a lotion. Just make sure that it does not make you break out, and keeps you moisturized.
If your skin is super sensitive to hormonal changes or certain food, then consider changing your diet to include less foods like chips and deep fried foods like french fries. Consider more salads and vegetables, and healthy fats like avocado.  After you have corrected your skin from the inside out (see also: your diet), then see if any other changes need to be made.

Others ideas for skin care routines in your 20s are not using moisturizers, but instead using a single facial oil, like our Pure Virgin Marula Oil, or else a blended oil serum. Contrary to popular belief, oils actually can help balance oil production, and are a great anti-aging product to begin using in your mid-to-late 20s skin care routine.  Virgin Marula Oil is a fair trade product, helping women in Africa and their families. It is pure, cold processed in traditional ways, and you only need 2-3 drops to do your entire face.  As a bonus, it is great for smoothing fly-away hair!

Your Routine

So there you have it… wash, exfoliate, moisturize and wear sunscreen. At the end of the day, remove all of this by washing and applying moisturizer or oil. There is no need to use a night cream until you are much older, and if you are starting to see signs of aging, then just add a light weight eye serum to your routine.  Add a spot stick for breakouts, and you are good to go!

Bye for now!

Kirsten xx

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