Southern California Inspired Skincare

We Have a Different Attitude in Southern California – You Might Say It’s All In The “Ayr.” And, it’s the secret for how Ayr Skin Care was born.

A Vacation That Changed My Mother’s Life

Pastel pink and yellow painted houses. Clear blue skies, puffy white clouds and swaying palm trees. Tan and muscular men lifting weights on the sandy beach of Santa Monica. Laughter, surfers and an atmosphere of relaxed fun and freedom.

That was the scene in the dead of winter in 1956, when my mother arrived to thaw out from three months of a cold, miserable, and rain soaked Scottish winter A rain that made the stone buildings darken to a grey as unrelenting as the clouds above. Imagine leaving that bluster and finding yourself on the sunlit streets of Southern California. Only the warmth and beauty around her could wipe away the memory of the cold and banish my mother’s depressed thoughts.

My mother came to vacation in Southern California and fell in love-- with the weather and positive energy. She also met and fell in love with my Dad, whom she married six months after arriving. A part of her heart was always in Ayr, Scotland (pronounced "air"), but she readily adopted Southern California as her forever home.

Building a Life on Positivity and Health

Mom fell in love with this area because she resonated with the attitude of the people. Not too many people go on vacation at age 25 and end up sending for their things. But, then again, she had this positive, adventurous spirit. She loved that in the USA. She would do whatever she wanted and others encouraged her to succeed. Today’s California spirit is not too different from back in the early Gold Rush days of the 19th century. People flocked to California to find their dream—and most never left. Since those days, people have come from all over the world to Hollywood to “become a star” because there is a feeling in the air of “you can do it!” When you exit a store, and the shopkeeper says “have a nice day”, they mean it. They expect that you will have a wonderful day. My mom loved this attitude of support and positivity.

A Lifestyle That Was Well Ahead of Its Time — With a Little Scottish Neighborliness Thrown In.

My Mom starting studying health and nutrition and vitamins. My Dad had always been interested in organic gardening, long before it became fashionable. Our family home had a huge back yard, with a fruit tree for every month of the year, and every vegetable imaginable in long rows down the middle. Long before organic gardening was a “thing” my brother and I helped my Dad with watering, digging soil, and learning about beneficial insects and care of the plants.

So, in our home, we only ate organic. When my Dad had extras, he would walk around the neighborhood handing out bags of zucchini, tomatoes, and other fresh produce to any neighbor he met. Not only were we encouraged to learn about healthy living, but we learned to share what we had, and to greet our neighbors with a smile.

The Spirit Of Southern California leads to the Birth of a Skin Care Line

You may ask what this has to do with skin care products. Well, actually, the early roots of Ayr Skin Care were born from my mom’s spirit—her healthy lifestyle and her spirit of giving. To me, my childhood has everything to do with why we got started, and why we make our products the way we do. As a child I only ate organic, and because of skin allergies I learned the power of good nutrition, vitamins, essential oils and ingredients, which ultimately led to me to create a line that is good for the skin. And so, at almost 60 years old, when most people are planning retirement, I decided to launch Ayr Skin Care.

Why? Friends and family who loved the products I made for myself and as gifts encouraged me to share. I did it to honor the positive energy that embodies where we live. I did it to honor my mother. And, because I grew up with that “can do” spirit that is Southern California.

These days, we enjoy those benefits of living in one of the most beautiful places in the world. A relaxing brunch overlooking the ocean. A glimpse of dolphins and whales leaping out of the water. Dipping toes in the sand amid the rhythmic sound of waves. All to lull our souls back into alignment. This is Southern California living.

You don’t have to live here to enjoy the can-do positivity. Just do what we love to do. We take care to eat well and live well. And we know that what we put on our skin matters.

At the end of the day, we support each other, and we are happy to encourage them to live their dreams. Take a look at what the Southern California “can do” spirit can mean for your healthy skin care regime here. Healthy skin means beautiful you.

Bye for now!

Kirsten, xx



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