Spring Cleaning Tips for a Clean Beauty Routine Post-2020

Every spring, I enjoy taking a Saturday morning and pulling everything out from under my bathroom sink. I sort through old products and pitch the expired ones into the trash or recycle bin. I do the same thing to my vanity drawer and makeup drawer. For me, it is a necessary way to keep control of clutter, but especially this year, I am feeling like it’s a form of therapy to toss any old products and clean up anything that I had in 2020!

So, the theme of our blog today is spring cleaning tips, a guide to help you understand preservatives, the shelf life of your products, and a bit more about why we seem to hang onto products instead of getting rid of them. I, for one, am ready to ditch 2020 and anything that reminds me of it!

A change in skin care products for spring can mean a renewal for our skin care routine as we shed off the dry residue of winter and greet the warmer weather, too.

Understanding Preservation and Shelf Life

I am often asked, “Does skin care expire?” The simple answer is everything that you use, from your shampoo and conditioner to your body wash, soaps, toiletries, and makeup, has a shelf life. It’s important to know when to change skin care products.

There are two or three different types of products that end up in your bathroom, and we’re going to break them down into categories, so that you can easily sort through your old items and clean out anything that has expired. Remember, expired products, especially those that may end up near your eyes, can pose potential health risks.

The first of our spring cleaning tips is to take inventory of what you have. Here are the types of products you might have in your bathroom drawers and cabinets: