Summer Skin Care Product Essentials:  How Not to Melt into a Puddle

Whether you are packing for a vacation, or just experiencing the summer heat where you are, summer is a time when our winter makeup and  skin care routine may fall by the wayside. That's why it is so important to find the best summer skin care products that work for you.

If you are on vacation, you may make life simple by wearing nothing but sunscreen, but what about when you need to look nice? Whether you are melting at home, on the way to the office, or wanting to put on special makeup while on a Hawaiian vacation, here are some tips and tricks to help you minimize your skin care routine, as well as know what to use, and not use, for your makeup in the heat of the summer.

Find Gentle Sunscreen That Works Hard to Protect Your Skin

Don’t skip sunscreen, the most vital of all summer skin care products! We have all heard that we should wear sunscreen year round, but the summer is definitely the time when the sun rays are the harshest on skin. Find a sunscreen for your face that you love, and use it religiously. We love Suntegrity, which is a brand that has many different products, including one sunscreen that is great for blue rays, and another that contains a small amount of tint, so that you can wear it on days when you don’t wish to wear your foundation. Coola is another great natural brand, as well as Badger. These brands all work under the “natural” banner, and contain many organic ingredients. They are best applied after cleansing the face, before your foundation, if you are wearing any. Order of application of your summer skin care products should be: wash, moisturize, sunscreen, foundation.

Consider a Lighter Touch with Makeup

If you have been indoors all day, and are venturing out for an evening date or business appointment, we have a solution for you. A good facial primer can help your foundation last longer, and stick to your face better. We like Vapour Organics “Stratus” primer. A primer should go on after cleansing and moisturizing, and before your foundation. If you decide to wear it during the day, then it will go on after sunscreen, but before foundation. It may seem like a tricky step to incorporate into your routine, but it can make your face luminous, youthful and keep your foundation on longer.

Sheer is in fashion in the hot months! Take a light touch with all your summer skin care products. Consider ditching the contour and heavy shadow on the cheeks in favor of a light, sheer coral or blush cream shadow. Make sure to lightly cover it in powder afterwards. Alternatively, choose a light powder in a slightly lighter shade than you would usually choose, and just hit the tops of your cheek bones.

Go for light and neutral makeup shades. If you are regular green and turquoise eye shadow girl, this is your time to let those go. The modern look in makeup is a very fresh, natural look, possibly with dark liner for evening, smudged, (not a hard line). Wearing colors that detract from your natural beauty can make you look faded and old, and none of us want that! Go for peachy, pale pink, neutral taupe, browns and beige for your eye shadows, and if you use shimmer, keep it very light, and just on the inside of your eye, on the lid.

A well known eye shadow trick to lift the eye and make it appear more youthful is to take your pinky finger and tap it onto a coral or pink eye shadow, and then put a light dot of it on the upper, outer eyelid, just under the eyebrow, and on the brow bone. This will bring life to the eye, create a youthful glow and bring out the whites in the eyes. Clear eyes equal youth. Make sure you lightly blend it so that it is not a glaringly obvious pink dot. Play at home with this, and then you can use it later for evening or day wear.

Opt for Luxurious but Lightweight Summer Skin Care Products

Invest in a refreshing toner. Rose water or other light, natural toners work well in heat. After you have set your makeup with powder, you can hit your face with a light mist. Some people, especially those going through menopause, might want to invest in a spray bottle or Evian Water or Rose Water Mist, and a small fan. Keep them in your purse for a refreshing lift anytime you need it.

Waterproof mascara is another summer skin care product essential during humid or summer months. You may have to adjust your makeup remover in the evenings, but it will be worth it. If you have problems with your eye lids getting oily during the day, consider using an eye lid primer, or setting the shadows with face powder, and then applying mascara after you are finished.

Ditch the dark red and burgundy toned lipsticks, and reach instead for a pale pink shimmer, a light coral or other fun playful shade for summer. If you wish, you can still line your lips to keep the shape, and then cover your lips in a matte, lighter shade. After blotting and powdering, add your top color as a translucent coral, pink or bronze shade.

Don’t forget powder, another of our summer skin care product essentials and one the makeup tricks that we love is how to keep lipstick and foundation on all day long. The secret? Loose powder! After applying a coat of lipstick, blot it with a tissue, and then apply a light coat of face powder. Blot again if needed, and then apply a second coat of lipstick. As you drink and eat, it will stay on, unless you actually smear it off with your hands. Likewise, using facial powder after applying your foundation can “set” your face to last for many hours, and is almost mandatory in heat for makeup to last.

Bronzer is ok! There are various shades of thought on bronzers. First of all, they can be over used, but in the summer, they come into their own and make our list of summer skin care products. More and more people are staying out of the sun, so if you are watching your skin, bronzer might be a good addition to your routine. After you have completed your makeup, hit the sides of your forehead, the top of your nose, and a light dusting of powder on your cheeks. For added color, hit the bones below your neck or decollete.

Don’t leave makeup in the car!! It sounds like such a silly thing, but we all get caught sometimes. Don’t leave makeup anywhere where it can be hot, and likewise, take care that your bathroom doesn’t over heat either at home, as it can cause havoc with your skin care products. Take minimal makeup with you in your purse, like a lipstick to freshen your lips after eating, a lip balm if your lips are dry, and a facial mist. Other than that, leave it all home!

Whatever your summer brings, we hope these tips on summer skin care products will help you glow with natural beauty, and not melt into a makeup puddle! Remember, less is more, and having confidence and a bright smile allow everyone to see your natural beauty. Happy summer!



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