Travel Beauty Tips to Ensure You Look Great on Vacay

Who is getting away this summer? If you have an air-travel destination planned, here are some ideas to help you arrive in style!

Go Naked!

Traveling can be used as "down time" for your skin. Take advantage of taking a day off from your makeup. I like to wash my face before I leave for the airport, and follow it with my toner spray, and either the Pure Moisture day cream or just a few drops of marula oil. Don't forget the Awaken eye serum...your eyes will thank you. Skip your foundation, if you can. Airplanes are notorious for drying out your skin, but the marula or pure moisture will help protect your skin. If you are arriving casually, let your face stay naked. If you are worried about making an impression, apply a lick of mascara and some lipstick on board before you land. Easy and fresh!

Pare down your makeup products

When traveling, I generally take less makeup, and focus more on my skin. I leave all of my colorful makeup at home, and use very little when I am gone. Vacation is a great time to give yourself a mask treatment. For that reason, I like to bring some dry clay mask with me in a ziplock (labeled, so customs knows what it is!). Another thing I have done on vacation is grab a banana or some fresh mango from breakfast, and take it back to my hotel room, squish it up, and apply it to my face. You can do this lying with a towel under your head to avoid a mess. Leave the fruit on your face for about 15 minutes, and you will be refreshed!

Take care of yourself

A vacation should not be stressful. Find time to walk on a beach, soak in a deep bathtub, or meditate. Your body and soul will thank you for it!

Enjoy your summer!


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