Clay for Skin Care: The Beautiful Benefits of “Wallowing in the Mud”

Ever wonder why the word “mud” gets such a bad rap? We use derogatory phrases such as “stick in the mud” “mud-slinging” and “her name is mud.” Why is this?

Here at Ayr Skin Care, we’ve found that mud—the right clay mud that is—is a wonderful addition to your skin care regime. We love clay for skin care! And so, we source mineral-rich clays found in the wilds of Eurasian Siberia and the depths of the Dead Sea, to bring you the best clay for sensitive skin. Today we’ll take a look at the clays we use!

Cambrian Blue Clay

Rich in essential minerals that are deeply and easily absorbed, we feature rare Cambrian blue clay, one of the oldest clays in the world, and an excellent clay for skin care. This treasure found in the Leningrad region, in the midst of both ice and volcanic fire, has properties that increase circulation, stimulates collagen, and can reduce the appearance of cellulite.

Dead Sea Clay

We also feature rich Dead Sea clay from the healing waters of the saltiest basin in the world. Belying the name, the area of the Dead Sea presents a smooth, sparkling and glassy surface with fresh springs ringing the shores. The mountains, worn away of their minerals, rise in bright colors above the deep-sea bed. The clay itself is prized for its ability to deeply nourish and detoxify even the most sensitive skin, making it a vital clay for skin care. It contains 21 minerals within the mud, which soften and purify the skin.

Kaolin Clay

Kaolin clay is one of the most famous clays in the world, and is found in many kinds of beauty products. Kaolin can range in color from white Kaolin, to pink, rose, red and yellow. The best clay for sensitive skin—the most soothing and gentle—is the pure white Kaolin, which is what we choose to use along with Dead Sea Clay and Cambrian Blue, all in our Dead Sea Spa Body Bar! This smooth white to rose-colored clay is the gentlest on skin promoting a clear, balanced, and refreshed complexion.

Fun Fact

The Kaolin clay we use in our products is also the essential ingredient in making the world’s finest, delicate, and most translucent china!

Sea Clay

Another workhorse clay for skin care is sea clay. Distinct from “Dead Sea” clay, we list sea slay as one of our active ingredients in our popular Calm Facial Bar, but it is also known by other names around the world, like Illite clay or French green clay. This particular clay comes from areas around the world, including Europe, where it has lain for millions of years. This clay from ancient sea beds is rich in many minerals, detoxifying for the skin, and is a mild grey-green color from the various plants that have become part of the mud over the centuries.

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