The Benefits of Humectant Products in Skin Care

Every day our skin is in contact with the environment around us. Even simple exposure to arid air dries our skin and leads to the formation of wrinkles and dry patches. In skin care products, a humectant is the leading way to combat dryness and bring moisture back into the skin. If you’re curious about the benefits of humectant products, or what humectants are, read on for more information from the experts at Ayr Skin Care.

What Are Humectants?

Humectants are classified as any ingredient that draws moisture into the skin. This moisture can be pulled from the air, or pulled from different levels of the skin to where it is needed most. If you imagine your skin as a desert, this ingredient in humectant products would reach into the moisture of the clouds or air, and seek out wells of water underground, bringing that moisture to where it is needed most.

Where Are Humectants Most Effective?

As far as skin is concerned, the place where humectant products are most needed is the dermis, or outer layer of our skin. Any skincare product that contains the right ingredients can serve as a way to apply humectants topically.

Examples of Humectants

The most obvious ingredient to bring moisture to the skin is water, but water alone is not going benefit your skin as much as other active ingredients. We include active humectants in every product that we formulate. Look for natural humectant ingredients including:

Hyaluronic Acid

Also listed as sodium hyaluronate, this humectant product is naturally present in our skin. As we age, that natural level drops, and the hydration around the eyes diminishes. Products with hyaluronic acid cushion our skin and have the ability to hold onto water and help adjust moisture levels, which is especially important if you are in a dry climate.


The best glycerin in our opinion is vegetable derived, and is a natural part of healthy skin. It occurs in the cells of our body, and the texture and deep hydration makes it a favorite with skin care formulators. Many humectant products with glycerin trap moisture on your skin, instead of letting it evaporate. It also retains the feeling of moisture even after washing, creating long lasting skin care products.


Honey is almost the perfect humectant. It has wonderful antioxidant benefits, and works well with the skin. Honey also softens the skin,and like glycerin, can help form a barrier against the environment, helping keep in moisture already in your body.

Sodium Lactate

This humectant is very effective at holding water, and has the added benefit of working as a mild AHA. There have been studies showing that sodium lactate can help stimulate ceramide formulation in the body to help replace natural lipids that are lost due to aging, harsh environmental conditions, and drying products.

Other ingredients with humectant qualities include aloe vera, seaweed and algae, and panthenol (vitamin B5).

Humectant Products at Ayr Skin Care

At Ayr Skin Care, we have natural humectants in every product that we make. These natural ingredients help your skin with long-lasting benefits, assisting it in resisting wrinkle formation and working as insurance for your skin as you age. Explore our collection today to find your ideal skincare solution.

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