The Best Skin Care Routine for Dry, Flaky Skin

Skin Care for Redness, Itchiness, & More

Having dry, dehydrated skin is more than just annoying; it can physically hurt. The eternal tightness, itchiness, and pain from cracks shouldn’t be holding you back from living your life. At Ayr Skin Care, we work to help you achieve a gorgeous, glowing complexion. If you want to protect your skin, adjust to a dry environment, or target dryness, redness, and irritation, check out our skin care tips for dry, flaky skin today!

1. Face Wash

If you don’t already have a cleanser that you absolutely adore, it’s time to look for an alternative. Generally, you’ll want to avoid cleansers that foam because many foaming cleansers can disrupt the outer layer of your skin. Instead, your skin needs something silky smooth, made with hydrating ingredients like vegetable glycerin, organic oils, and chamomile. Our Calm Facial Bar is a perfect choice, pairing these hydrating ingredients with others — like turmeric, tea tree, chamomile, olive leaf extract, nettle, and sea clay — that are specifically chosen to provide better skin care for dry, flaky skin.

Because our facial bar is made without parabens, gluten, synthetic colors, added fragrances, soy, or petroleum, it’s the best place to start your skin care routine for redness, irritation, and sensitivity.

2. Toner

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If you’re creating a skin care routine for eczema-prone or dry skin, you might think that you should skip toner. We disagree! Toner can help target skin concerns far beyond oiliness and acne — it can actually make your skin more receptive to moisture. Our Calm Facial Bar will get you halfway there, as it cleanses and tones all in one step! But if you’re needing extra toning, look for alcohol-free formulas that include ingredients like rosewater, aloe, and hyaluronic acid.

3. Skip Exfoliants

Seeing flaky skin may make you want to exfoliate it away, but that’s not always the right choice! Chemical exfoliators and harsh scrubs can do more harm than good because they irritate your skin, causing it to flake even more. What your skin is actually asking for is more hydration, which is the key to skin care for dry, flaky skin.

4. Moisturizer

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Finding the right moisturizer to fit into your skin care routine for dry, flaky skin can be difficult, but we’re confident that we can help. The first tip to keep in mind is that you’ll want to change your moisturizer to fit the season. In summer, for instance, you want something a lot more lightweight — like a facial oil or hydrating gel — while in winter, you should aim for a luxurious cream that penetrates deep.

If you experience dry, flaky skin around your eyes, you’ll want to go for a hydrating eye serum like our Awaken Revitalizing Eye Serum. We crafted this formula with dry under-eye skin in mind, using deeply hydrating ingredients such as hyaluronic acid as well as replenishing peptides, probiotics, and more.

For an overall moisturizer, our Pure Moisture Nourishing Face Cream is an excellent choice. It’s full of macadamia seed oil, jojoba seed oil, bamboo probiotics and other probiotics, and our 72-hour hydration system to help you develop a skin care routine for redness that produces visible results.

5. Facial Oil

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The last element of your skin care routine for dry, flaky skin should be our Serenity Facial Oil. Not only is this oil antibacterial, but it also helps support better texture and elasticity in your skin. With vitamins A, K, and E, as well as our proprietary blend of Fair Trade oils, you’re getting targeted skin care for eczema-prone skin.

Nourish Your Body with Ayr Skin Care

When dry skin and redness are affecting your face, they’re probably affecting your entire body, too. Don’t forget to soothe all of your skin when you shop moisturizing body bars for the shower or bath. With our Calm Facial Bar for your face and our Dead Sea Body Bar for your body, your bathroom will be fully equipped to deal with any dryness coming your way.

Looking for even more skin care routines from Ayr? Visit our blog for skin care tips and advice for any age!

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