The Dairy Dilemma

Do you or a loved one suffer from acne?  I have suffered all of my life with skin sensitivity, allergies and reactions (see: Our Story), but along with the horrible stomach problems, I also had cystic acne.   I tried everything I could think of or the doctor could prescribe.   By age 50 I was resigned to the fact that I was always going to have acne.  Then after a health scare, I dropped dairy products as part of a change in diet, and within a month… no more acne!  

Now, I’m not saying that cutting out dairy was easy, especially because I was one of those “throw the cream in the coffee” kind-of-gals, but I did it.  I am not saying dairy causes acne for everyone.  Not at all!  Every body is unique and acne can be triggered by hormones, stress, medications and other food allergies like coffee or orange juice.

For me, cutting milk out of my diet was not enough.  I was still having reactions every time I used a body wash or face mask that had dried milk in it. I had to remove all milk products from my skin care regime.  I was surprised to discover that many face creams and body products contain dairy. One of my favorite bath soaks had dried milk powder in it.  I loved soaking in the milk bath, but afterwards I would suffer through a horrible rash, redness, and itching.  I started reading labels…. sure enough, many things in my bathroom cupboard contained wheat proteins, soy, whey, and corn. Things that I knew caused reactions to my body when I ate them.

The way our bodies handle things which they perceive as toxins is fascinating to me.  Because I had already cut gluten from my diet, I knew first-hand how my body responded when gluten was ingested; my body went into spasms, with severe stomach pains.  While I was experiencing this tummy problem, my face broke out into teenage looking acne.  Now I came to realize that another manifestation of the body processing allergens was to break out in acne.

When your body has similar reactions to more than one thing (for me, it was corn, soy, and canola oil, in addition to dairy and gluten), it can be even more confusing trying to figure out which guilty food is causing the problems.  The only way to discover what is causing your reaction, is to eliminate everything and start fresh. A popular program, The Whole 30, does just this.  It eliminates the most popular food allergens, and allows you to re-introduce each food while you observe your body’s reaction to it.  For me, the answer was the Paleo style of life.  If you are suffering from stomach or skin ailments, it’s a great program to read about.  I know it changed my life.  Whatever way you discover your sensitivities to food, I encourage you also to see if the ingredients of your skin care may also be causing your reactions.  

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